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MSS/0001 - Psalter [View Details]
MSS/0002 - Aristotle. The Politics of Aristotle [View Details]
MSS/0003 - Statutes. Statutes of the Realm [View Details]
MSS/0004 - William Tillotson. Suffolk and Essex collections [View Details]
MSS/0005 - Horae. Hours (use of Paris) [View Details]
MSS/0006 - Treatise on Illumination [View Details]
MSS/0007 - St Anselm. Devotional anthology [View Details]
MSS/0008 - Calendar. Incomplete calendar (January-July) with astronomical tables [View Details]
MSS/0009 - First Crusade. Translation of the Historia Hierosolymitana [View Details]
MSS/0010 - William of Newburgh. Passages of the Historia Rerum Anglicarum [View Details]
MSS/0011 - Society of Antiquaries. 'Memoirs towards an History of the Antiquarian Society' by William Stukeley [View Details]
MSS/0012 - John de Rupecissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [View Details]
MSS/0013 - Horae. Book of Hours (use of Rouen) [View Details]
MSS/0014 - Miscellany. Miscellany for Cistercian use [View Details]
MSS/0015 - Medicine. Medical recipes [View Details]
MSS/0016 - Medicine. ‘A Treatise of Tumours’ [View Details]
MSS/0017 - Heraldry. Names, Arms, Etymology & Blazon of Thomas Gerrard [View Details]
MSS/0018 - Sermons. Sermons, mostly by St Bernard [View Details]
MSS/0019 - Horae. Book of Hours (use of Amiens) [View Details]
MSS/0020 - Inscriptions. Inscriptions in Naples compiled by Matteo Geronimo Maza [View Details]
MSS/0021 - Casuistry. 'Resoluciones quorundam casuum Nationis Anglicanae’ [View Details]
MSS/0022 - Poetry. 'The History of Edward ye second by Sr F: H:' [View Details]
MSS/0023 - Heraldry. Extracts from a manuscript by William Tonge [View Details]
MSS/0024 - Religious Tract. 'A Shelter For the godly in thease times of danger' by Robert Abbott [View Details]
MSS/0025 - Medicine. Textbook of medicine [View Details]
MSS/0026 - Parliament. Parliamentary papers, 1626-1629 [View Details]
MSS/0030 - Cambridge. Account of Elizabeth I’s visit to Cambridge [View Details]
MSS/0031 - Royal Society. Foundation charters [View Details]
MSS/0033 - Thomas Martin. Memoir of Thomas Martin by Sir John Fenn [View Details]
MSS/0034 - Daniel Archdeacon. 'A true report of sundry memorable Accidents befalling Mr Daniell Archdeacon..' [View Details]
MSS/0035 - Indexes. Lists and indexes relating mainly to church history [View Details]
MSS/0036 - Dover Harbour. Relating to a project by Thomas Digges [View Details]
MSS/0037 - Medicine. Medical collections of John Arderne [View Details]
MSS/0038 - Peterborough Abbey. Register of John Achirche [View Details]
MSS/0040 - James I. ‘A Catalogue of the Nobility of England …’ [View Details]
MSS/0041 - William of Worcester [View Details]
MSS/0042 - Church of England. Register of presentations to livings [View Details]
MSS/0043 - Jewellery. Catalogue of gems in the possession of Lady Elizabeth Germain [View Details]
MSS/0044 - Prudentius. Works of Prudentius and Virgil [View Details]
MSS/0045 - James I. Establishment list [View Details]
MSS/0046 - Orazio Lombardelli. Treatise on the Tuscan language [View Details]
MSS/0047 - Miscellany [View Details]
MSS/0048 - Byzantine Chant. Collection of chants [View Details]
MSS/0049 - Granada Inscriptions. Paper by Edward Rumsey, FSA [View Details]
MSS/0050 - Swiss Mediation. 'Offers of Mediation made by The Swiss Protestant Cantons to the Republicks of England and Holland in 1653..' [View Details]
MSS/0053 - Coins. Engravings of English coins [View Details]
MSS/0054 - Illyrian arms [View Details]
MSS/0055 - Aeneas Silvius. Historia Bohemica [View Details]
MSS/0056 - Portugal. 'The Present Establishment of the Land Forces of the King of Portugal 1736' [View Details]
MSS/0057 - Bec. 'Histoire abrevée de L'Abbaye du Bec’ [View Details]
MSS/0058 - Parliament. ‘Modus tenendi parliamentum’ [View Details]
MSS/0059 - Lindsey psalter [View Details]
MSS/0060 - Black book of Peterborough. Register of the Benedictine abbey [View Details]
MSS/0061 - Hispellum. Copies of inscriptions from Roman Hispellum [Spello] [View Details]
MSS/0062 - Italy. Collection of tracts [View Details]
MSS/0063 - Seneca. Tragedies, with commentary of Nicholas Trevet [View Details]
MSS/0064 - Orosius. 'An History of the World from the Creation to A.D. 416…’ [View Details]
MSS/0065 - Henry Spelman. Transcript of 'Archaismus Graphicus' [View Details]
MSS/0066 - Henry Spelman. Transcript of 'Archaismus Graphicus' [View Details]
MSS/0067 - St Clement Danes. Overseers of the poor accounts [View Details]
MSS/0068 - Heraldry. Arms of the Presidents of the Council of the Marches of Wales [View Details]
MSS/0069 - Magic. ‘The Operation of Joseph's Glasse' [View Details]
MSS/0070 - Taxation. Excerpts from document relating to Essex [View Details]
MSS/0071 - Harleian manuscripts. Plan for a subject index [View Details]
MSS/0073 - Chariots. 'A Dissertation On the Ancient Chariot, …’ by Thomas Pownall [View Details]
MSS/0074 - James I. Establishment list [View Details]
MSS/0075 - James I. Establishment list [View Details]
MSS/0078 - Political Papers [View Details]
MSS/0079 - Sir Edward Coke. Political and legal papers owned by Coke [View Details]
MSS/0080 - Bible [View Details]
MSS/0081 - Beverley Minster. Chapter Act book [View Details]
MSS/0082 - Nobility. 'A treatise concernynge the Nobilitie accordinge to the lawe of England’ [View Details]
MSS/0083 - Nobility. 'A Breuiate touching the order and gouernment of a noblemans house’ [View Details]
MSS/0084 - Writs. Register of writs from the royal chancery [View Details]
MSS/0085 - Robert Plot. Proposal for a research journey [View Details]
MSS/0086 - Portugal. Notes on the kings of Portugal [View Details]
MSS/0087 - Scotland and England. Various 16th century papers [View Details]
MSS/0088 - Anatomy. Two series of lectures [View Details]
MSS/0089 - Henry Darnley. Account by Martin Folkes of two pictures of Darnley [View Details]
MSS/0090 - Medicine. Three treatises [View Details]
MSS/0091 - Cumberland. 'A Description of the County of Cumberland' by John Denton [View Details]
MSS/0092 - Chronicles. Imperfect copy of chronicles attributed to Peucer [View Details]
MSS/0093 - Brut Chronicle [View Details]
MSS/0094 - Gunnery. Treatise by Richard Wright [View Details]
MSS/0095 - Earl of Northampton. 'An Answere to the Coppye' of a raileing Invective against the Regiment of woemen …’ [View Details]
MSS/0096 - Charles I. Book of contributions to his household [View Details]
MSS/0097 - Fine office. Collection of entries in the fine office of the Earl of Leicester [View Details]
MSS/0098 - Commentary on the Koran. ‘Tafsir-i-Saafi' [View Details]
MSS/0099 - Staffordshire. Pedigrees and other notes, mostly relating to Staffordshire, compiled by William Wyrley [View Details]
MSS/0100 - Roman History. [View Details]
MSS/0101 - Miscellany. Collection of verses, medical recipes etc. [View Details]
MSS/0102 - Legal formulary [View Details]
MSS/0103 - Edward Bolton. Petition for a Royal Academy [View Details]
MSS/0104 - The Remonstrance. Copy of the remonstrance to Charles I [View Details]
MSS/0105 - Political miscellany [View Details]
MSS/0106 - Government. ‘The Citie of Ciuiilitie…’ by Francesco Patrizi [View Details]
MSS/0107 - Relazione. Report by Daniel Barbaro on his embassy to Edward VI [View Details]
MSS/0108 - Crown Jewels. Inventories and valuations of the Crown jewels [View Details]
MSS/0109 - Namur. Historical and geographical description of Namur [View Details]
MSS/0110 - Pedigrees. [View Details]
MSS/0111 - Heraldry. Arms of nobility and alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0112 - Amerigo Vespucci. 'Saggio di un Elogio Istorico di Amerigo Vespucci … ‘ by Adam Fabbroni [View Details]
MSS/0113 - Accounts. Household accounts of the Paynter family [View Details]
MSS/0114 - Berkeley Family. 'The different state of the godly & of the wicked’ by Richard Berkeley [View Details]
MSS/0115 - Parish histories. Church notes and drawings by James Theobald [View Details]
MSS/0116 - Coinage. Deeds, proclamations and other material relating to coinage [View Details]
MSS/0117 - Nithsdale. 'Antiquities and Topography of Nithsdale' by Robert Riddell [View Details]
MSS/0118 - James I. Household ordinances [View Details]
MSS/0119 - Wardrobe Book for Edward I, 1299-1300 [View Details]
MSS/0120 - Wardrobe Book for Edward II, 1316-17 [View Details]
MSS/0121 - Wardrobe Book for Edward II, 1317-18 [View Details]
MSS/0122 - Chamber Accounts. Edward II, 1324-27 [View Details]
MSS/0123 - Coronation ceremonies. Accounts of the coronations of Edward VI and Mary I [View Details]
MSS/0124 - Valor Ecclesiasticus. [View Details]
MSS/0125 - Mary I. List of offices and fees [View Details]
MSS/0126 - Peterborough Register [View Details]
MSS/0130 - Knight’s Fees [View Details]
MSS/0131 - Peterborough Register [View Details]
MSS/0132 - Coinage. 'Extract of the Council Books Concerning Money and Coinage’ [View Details]
MSS/0133 - Accounts. Domestic and personal accounts of Sir John Franklin [View Details]
MSS/0134 - Poetry. Poetical works by Lydgate, Gower, Hoccleve and Walton [View Details]
MSS/0135 - Coins. Antiquarian and numismatic collections and papers of Christoper Wren [View Details]
MSS/0137 - Denmark House. Inventory of royal wardrobe at Denmark House [View Details]
MSS/0138 - Oliver Cromwell. Correspondence and papers [View Details]
MSS/0203 - Cottington and Meredith Papers [View Details]
MSS/0205 - Queen Elizabeth. Valuations and lists [View Details]
MSS/0206 - Miscellaneous papers [View Details]
MSS/0207 - Calcutta. Document relating to a bill of complaint [View Details]
MSS/0208 - Queen Philippa. Wardrobe accounts [View Details]
MSS/0209 - Revenue commission. Report of survey of Courts of Revenue [View Details]
MSS/0211 - Edward IV. 'Liber Niger Domus Regis Angliae… Edw. IV' [View Details]
MSS/0212 - Miscellaneous [View Details]
MSS/0213 - Heraldry. Collection relating to the duties of heralds [View Details]
MSS/0215 - Lyttelton Correspondence [View Details]
MSS/0216 - Queen Joan. 'Primus compotus Johannis Bugge Armigeri...' [accounts of John Bugge, treasurer] [View Details]
MSS/0217 - Wiltshire. 'William Cunnington's Account of Barrows &c for Sir Richard Hoare Bart.' [View Details]
MSS/0218 - Uriconium. Collections of Thomas Farmer Dukes, FSA [View Details]
MSS/0219 - History of England. Notes on and transcripts of sources of English history [View Details]
MSS/0221 - Maritime direction book. Direction book for the west coast of America [View Details]
MSS/0222 - Reliquiae galeanae. Letters regarding antiquities of Great Britain [View Details]
MSS/0223 - Brut Chronicle [View Details]
MSS/0224 - Brut Chronicle [View Details]
MSS/0225 - Alchemy. 21 treatises on alchemy [View Details]
MSS/0226 - Commonplace Books. Commonplace books of Nathaniel Ellison [View Details]
MSS/0227 - Fragments. Various biblical and liturgical fragments [View Details]
MSS/0228 - Hallstatt. 'Die Alterthumsgraeber von Salzberg zu Hallstatt’ [View Details]
MSS/0229 - Paris Garden, Southward. Documents relating to the manor of Paris Garden [View Details]
MSS/0230 - Byron Family. Papers relating to family estates [View Details]
MSS/0231 - Liber Regalis. English translation of the Liber Regalis [View Details]
MSS/0232 - Deeds. 51 deeds relating to various locations [View Details]
MSS/0236 - St Olaves parish, Southwark, churchwardens accounts [View Details]
MSS/0237 - St Alban's Abbey [View Details]
MSS/0238 - Margam Abbey. Description by Samuel Rush Meyrick, FSA [View Details]
MSS/0239 - Windsor Forest. Printed Acts [View Details]
MSS/0240 - Algernon Sidney. ‘Notes of (Col Sydney) Amba from the com: wealth of eng: to ye Kg of Sweden Ch: Gustavus' [View Details]
MSS/0241 - Extracts. Five manuscripts bound together [View Details]
MSS/0242 - Northumberland. Extracts from Exchequer records [View Details]
MSS/0243 - William Lloyd, Bishop of St Asaph. Letters and related documents [View Details]
MSS/0244 - Avebury and Stonehenge. Paper by John Rickman [View Details]
MSS/0245 - Harpocration. Dictionary of Valerius Harpocration [View Details]
MSS/0246 - Queen Anne. Establishment book [View Details]
MSS/0247 - Sir Henry Wotton. 'Of Robert Devoreux Earle of Essex And of George Villers Duke of Buckingham' [View Details]
MSS/0248 - Sarum Calendar. [View Details]
MSS/0249 - Henry VIII. Copy of will [View Details]
MSS/0250 - Sidmouth, Devon. ‘List of Antiquities in and near Sidmouth, Devon’ [View Details]
MSS/0251 - Nettuno and Anzio. History of Nettuno and Anzio by Bartolomeo Soffredini [View Details]
MSS/0252 - Boccus and Sydrach. Translation by Hugh of Caumpedene [View Details]
MSS/0253 - Parliament. Speeches and passages [View Details]
MSS/0254 - Carisbrooke Cartulary [View Details]
MSS/0255 - Hollister family. Genealogical notes [View Details]
MSS/0256 - Frederick II and Frederick the Great. 'The Two Fredericks' by Lord Stanhope [View Details]
MSS/0257 - Francis Grose. 'A Syllabus of the Parts of Gothic Churches' [View Details]
MSS/0258 - Political Papers. Various political papers, 17th century [View Details]
MSS/0259 - State papers, etc. Papers of John Topham [View Details]
MSS/0260 - Batalha. Drawings and papers relating to the Batalha Monastery [View Details]
MSS/0261 - Society of Antiquaries. 'Rules and Regulations of the Antiquary Club' [View Details]
MSS/0262 - Society of Antiquaries. 'Register Book of the Society of Antiquarys of London’ [View Details]
MSS/0263 - Jacob Schnebbelie. Album of drawings and sketches [View Details]
MSS/0265 - Society of Antiquaries. Minute Book [View Details]
MSS/0266 - Society of Antiquaries. 'Memoirs towards an History of the Antiquarian Society’ by William Stukeley [View Details]
MSS/0266[*] - Society of Antiquaries. Suggestions for the Society's seal. [View Details]
MSS/0267 - Jacob Schnebbelie. Correspondence [View Details]
MSS/0269 - Societies of Antiquaries. List of Fellows [View Details]
MSS/0270 - Society of Antiquaries. 'Collections for Lives of early Members of the Society of Antiquaries' by Sir Henry Ellis [View Details]
MSS/0271 - Sir John Aland. Papers of Sir Edward Northey and Sir John Fortescue Aland [View Details]
MSS/0272 - Torksey, Lincs. Response to Quo Warranto interrogations [View Details]
MSS/0273 - Parliament. Summons to parliament, 1294-1556 [View Details]
MSS/0274 - English coins. 'Observations upon the … Plates of the English silver Coins …’ by Andrew Coltée Ducarel [View Details]
MSS/0275 - Germany. State papers, mainly relating to Germany [View Details]
MSS/0276 - Architecture. Catalogue of architectural MSS in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle [View Details]
MSS/0277 - Diocese of Worcester. Patrons and incumbents of parishes [View Details]
MSS/0278 - Siege of Rouen. Poem by John Page [View Details]
MSS/0279 - Vitae Sanctorum by Jean de Mailly [View Details]
MSS/0280 - Magic. 'Clavicules de Salomon' [View Details]
MSS/0281 - Lucianus. General dictionary and miscellaneous shorter pieces [View Details]
MSS/0282 - Middle English treatises transcribed by Clarence Hopper [View Details]
MSS/0283 - ‘’Summary History” by Bartholomew Vicary [View Details]
MSS/0284 - George II. 'The Establishment of the Expence in The Treasurer of the Chamber's Office' [View Details]
MSS/0285 - York Manual [View Details]
MSS/0285; MSS/0718 - York Manual [View Details]
MSS/0286 - Sarum calendar [View Details]
MSS/0287 - Middle English treatises [View Details]
MSS/0288 - Prick of Conscience, formerly attributed to Richard Rolle [View Details]
MSS/0289 - Cosmography. Old Norse cosmography [View Details]
MSS/0290 - Mechanics. Lectures on mechanics and hydrostatics [View Details]
MSS/0291 - State Papers. Transcripts of political and legal papers [View Details]
MSS/0292 - Norwegian Law. ‘Gulathings Boc’ [View Details]
MSS/0293 - Sermons. Collection of sermons by Richard Bagnall [View Details]
MSS/0294 - Wales. ‘The Historie of Brechon…’ [View Details]
MSS/0295 - Theology. ‘Spare time…’ by Thomas Grover Florilegus [View Details]
MSS/0296 - Parish registers. Parish registers of St Peter’s, Thanet [View Details]
MSS/0297 - Parish registers. Extracts from selected London parish registers [View Details]
MSS/0298 - Parish registers. Extracts from selected Ely parish registers [View Details]
MSS/0299 - Giants. 'Gigantologia or A Treatise of Giants' [View Details]
MSS/0300 - The Pore Caitif [View Details]
MSS/0301 - Sir John Eliot. Speeches etc [View Details]
MSS/0303 - Lichfield. Revenue accounts of Lichfield and Coventry diocese [View Details]
MSS/0304 - The Virgin Mary. Works and legends [View Details]
MSS/0305 - Slavonic liturgy [View Details]
MSS/0306 - Astronomy. Treatises on astronomy, arithmetic etc. [View Details]
MSS/0307 - Archers' Marks. “Archers’ Marks in Finsbury Fields” [View Details]
MSS/0308 - Legal cases. Cases in the court of Common Pleas [View Details]
MSS/0313 - Cefn Mably, Glamorgan. ‘The History of the Mansion of Cefn Mably…’ [View Details]
MSS/0315 - The Hon. Charles Feilding. “The Works of the Hon. Charles Feilding” [View Details]
MSS/0316 - St Albans Abbey. Revenues [View Details]
MSS/0317 - Rev. John Brand. Sermon [View Details]
MSS/0318 - Westminster Abbey. ‘An Account of an ancient painting’ by J S Hawkins, FSA [View Details]
MSS/0319 - Miscellaneous. Four manuscripts [View Details]
MSS/0320 - Cartularies. Index to Cartularies by Sir Thomas Philipps [View Details]
MSS/0321 - English portraits. Catalogue of the collection of James Bindley [View Details]
MSS/0322 - Elizabeth Blount. ‘An History of the Beautiful Elizabeth Blount…’ by the Rev. Mark Noble [View Details]
MSS/0323 - Society of Antiquaries. Collector’s books [View Details]
MSS/0324 - “The Legend of St. Cuthbert” by Robert Hegge [View Details]
MSS/0325 - Physics. Extracts from works by Descartes and Aristotle [View Details]
MSS/0326 - Rule of the Augustinian order [View Details]
MSS/0327 - Sikh devotional book [View Details]
MSS/0328 - Theology. 'Incipiunt questiones theologie’ [View Details]
MSS/0329 - Horae. Book of Hours (use of Utrecht) [View Details]
MSS/0330 - Poetry. Collection of English and Latin poems and other items [View Details]
MSS/0331 - Koran [View Details]
MSS/0332 - Physician’s notebook [View Details]
MSS/0333 - Architecture. 'Architect's Remembrancer (or) Surveyour's Pocket Companion …’ [View Details]
MSS/0334 - Antoninus, Archbishop oF Florence. Works by Antoninus and others [View Details]
MSS/0335 - Antoninus, Archbishop oF Florence. Works by Antoninus and others [View Details]
MSS/0336 - Ptolemy. ‘Astrology Illustrated and Explained…’ [View Details]
MSS/0337 - Magic. ‘A Book of Spirits…’ [View Details]
MSS/0338 - Treatises on medicine [View Details]
MSS/0339 - Rule of the Order of St Bridget [View Details]
MSS/0340 - Cologne. Two manuscripts relating to Cologne [View Details]
MSS/0343 - Cambridge. Statutes of St Catherine’s Hall [View Details]
MSS/0443 - English gentry. Roll of arms [View Details]
MSS/0445 - Sir William Twysden. Account book [View Details]
MSS/0450 - Brooke antiphonal [View Details]
MSS/0452 - Burgos. Regulations of the Guild of St Nicholas of Tolentino [View Details]
MSS/0454 - George I. Coronation service [View Details]
MSS/0455 - Sir Edward Walker. Papers and correspondence [View Details]
MSS/0456 - Heraldry. Arms of knights [View Details]
MSS/0457 - Heraldry. Collection of arms in trick [View Details]
MSS/0458 - De Grey Family. ‘An Essay towards an Historicall Deduction…’ [View Details]
MSS/0459 - Court rolls, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0460 - Order of the Golden Fleece. Armorial bearings of the Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece [View Details]
MSS/0461 - Sir William Le Neve. Papers relating to grants of arms, etc [View Details]
MSS/0462 - Heraldry. Collection of arms in trick [View Details]
MSS/0463 - Heraldry. ‘Wares Miscellany’ [View Details]
MSS/0464 - Ordinary of Arms [View Details]
MSS/0465 - Order of the Garter [View Details]
MSS/0466 - Peter Le Neve. Historical and genealogical notes of events [View Details]
MSS/0467 - Peter Le Neve. ‘Memoranda in Heraldry’ [View Details]
MSS/0468 - Heraldry. Two professional collections of arms [View Details]
MSS/0469 - Neve, Peter le. Armorial made when a boy [View Details]
MSS/0470 - Richard Turpin. ‘Turpins book of Arms and crests’ [View Details]
MSS/0471 - Order of the Garter. 'Memoranda of the Armorial bearings…’ [View Details]
MSS/0472 - Order of the Garter. Miscellaneous papers [View Details]
MSS/0473 - Arms of the nobility. Coloured achievements [View Details]
MSS/0474 - Barak Longmate. 'A Collection of Arms and Crests…’ [View Details]
MSS/0476 - Sir Thomas Wriothesley. Collection of heraldic material [View Details]
MSS/0477 - Shropshire. Drawings of sepulchral monuments, arms etc [View Details]
MSS/0478 - Spanish law suit Documents relating to lawsuits of Juan de Valencia [View Details]
MSS/0483 - Lancashire arms [View Details]
MSS/0484 - William Camden. Copy of arms granted by William Camden [View Details]
MSS/0485 - Heraldry. Blazons [View Details]
MSS/0486 - Chinese Paintings [View Details]
MSS/0487 - Norfolk. Pedigrees of lords of the manor of Didlington [View Details]
MSS/0488 - Westwell, Oxon. Transcript of the parish register [View Details]
MSS/0491 - Glover’s Ordinary [View Details]
MSS/0492 - Heraldry. Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0493 - Koran [View Details]
MSS/0495 - Rectories, etc. Lists of rectories and vicarages, and material relating to Dorset [View Details]
MSS/0498 - John Colley. 'Insignia Anglarum' [View Details]
MSS/0499 - Heraldry. Two alphabets of arms, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0501 - Roll chronicle [View Details]
MSS/0502 - Kemeys family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0503 - Royal genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0504 - Bourchier family. Genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0505 - Anderson family. Arms and genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0506 - Lee family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0507 - Dymoke family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0508 - Thorpe family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0509 - Massingberd and Wilson families. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0510 - Bathurst family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0511 - Tadlow family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0512 - Ashdown family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0513 - Staunton family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0514 - Higford family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0515 - Fragments of a roll of arms [View Details]
MSS/0516 - Oliver Cromwell. Trading licences issued by Cromwell [View Details]
MSS/0517 - Charles’ Roll [View Details]
MSS/0518 - Ely. Legend of Norman knights in Ely [View Details]
MSS/0519 - Letter of the Barons to Pope Boniface VIII [View Details]
MSS/0521 - St Helen’s Bishopsgate. Survey of the priory [View Details]
MSS/0522 - St Bartholomew’s Smithfield. Demise of lands in Milk Street [View Details]
MSS/0527 - St Mary, York. Deed relating to the manor of Whitgift [View Details]
MSS/0528 - George Goring. Licence by Letters Patent [View Details]
MSS/0529 - John Thorpe. Diploma of the Royal Society [View Details]
MSS/0530 - Winchester. Fees due to officials of the Bishop of Winchester [View Details]
MSS/0531 - Regalia of Scotland [View Details]
MSS/0532 - James II. Commission to John Hart [View Details]
MSS/0533 - Fragment of a cartulary of Pipewell Abbey [View Details]
MSS/0534 - Jerusalem. Certificate of William Hedges [View Details]
MSS/0535 - Halesowen Abbey, account roll [View Details]
MSS/0536 - Drawing of the death and funeral of John Islip [View Details]
MSS/0537 - New Year’s gift roll. Gifts given to and by Queen Elizabeth I [View Details]
MSS/0538 - New Year’s gift roll. Gifts given to and by Queen Elizabeth I [View Details]
MSS/0539 - Coal. Strata of Lawson Main Colliery [View Details]
MSS/0540 - Anacreon. Odes of Anacreon [View Details]
MSS/0541 - Wardrobe account. Edward III [View Details]
MSS/0542 - Koran [View Details]
MSS/0543 - Queen Isabella. Account roll [View Details]
MSS/0544 - Magna Carta [View Details]
MSS/0545 - Royal Wardrobe. Inventory of plate and jewels [View Details]
MSS/0546 - Facsimiles. Inscriptions in Beverley Minster and in Temple church London [View Details]
MSS/0547 - Westminster tournament roll [View Details]
MSS/0548 - First Calais roll [View Details]
MSS/0549 - Sir Philip Sidney. Engraving of Sir Philip Sidney’s funeral [View Details]
MSS/0550 - Fragments from the Thorpe collection [View Details]
MSS/0551 - Cheshire. Deeds, mostly relating to Godley, Mottram and Newton [View Details]
MSS/0554 - Evelyn family. Feoffment of land [View Details]
MSS/0555 - Morden, Surrey. Account rolls of the manor [View Details]
MSS/0556 - Stapleford Tawney, Essex. Purchase of the manor [View Details]
MSS/0557 - Kettlebaston, Suffolk. Rental of the manor [View Details]
MSS/0558 - Tittenhanger, Herts. Rental of the manor [View Details]
MSS/0559 - Evans family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0560 - Shropshire. Account roll of manors [View Details]
MSS/0561 - Fotheringay College. Charter [View Details]
MSS/0562 - Herefordshire. Lease of lands in Llangonnok [View Details]
MSS/0563 - Tickhill, Yorks. Court roll [View Details]
MSS/0564 - Dartford Priory, Kent. Accounts of lands [View Details]
MSS/0565 - Henrietta Maria. Lease of lands in Lincolnshire [View Details]
MSS/0566 - Wansey roll (facsimile) [View Details]
MSS/0568 - Aylesbury, Bucks. Court roll (draft) with presentments [View Details]
MSS/0570 - Pedigree of the Kings of England [View Details]
MSS/0571 - Champneys family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0572 - Macwilliam family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0573 - Causton family. Confirmation of arms and grant of crest [View Details]
MSS/0574 - Order of the Bath. Certificate of Thomas Lane [View Details]
MSS/0575 - Rye Harbour. Petition to the King from Robert Colepepyr [View Details]
MSS/0576 - Crayford, Kent. Grant of land [View Details]
MSS/0577 - James III of Scotland. Grant of lands [View Details]
MSS/0578 - Burton family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0579 - Tewkesbury. Account of the abbey’s kitchener [View Details]
MSS/0580 - Bowyer family. Title deeds [View Details]
MSS/0581 - Ardleigh, Essex. Grant of land [View Details]
MSS/0582 - Ethiopic roll [View Details]
MSS/0583 - Walter Giffard, Archbishop of York. Proxies [View Details]
MSS/0584 - Horsted Keynes, Sussex . Grant of a croft [View Details]
MSS/0585 - Stansted Mountfitchet and Takeley, Essex. Grants of land [View Details]
MSS/0586 - London. Conveyance of a shop in Eastcheap [View Details]
MSS/0587 - John Nott. Grant of crest [View Details]
MSS/0588 - St Albans. Case in the court of Common Pleas [View Details]
MSS/0589 - John Bodley. Grant of crest [View Details]
MSS/0590 - Richard Cromwell. Letters patent [View Details]
MSS/0591 - James II. Commission to Daniel Sutton [View Details]
MSS/0592 - William III. Appointment of John White [View Details]
MSS/0593 - Sir Godfrey Kneller. Exchequer order [View Details]
MSS/0594 - Morpeth Castle. Lease [View Details]
MSS/0595 - George II. Commission to Francis Franckfurt [View Details]
MSS/0596 - Letters Patent. [View Details]
MSS/0597 - Robert Plot. Commission [View Details]
MSS/0598 - Duke of Wellington. Commission to Charles Harris [View Details]
MSS/0599 - Inventory of an unidentified London house [View Details]
MSS/0600 - Richmond ferry. Lease document [View Details]
MSS/0603 - Manor of Kingston, Kent. Sale document [View Details]
MSS/0604 - Marriage settlement of Thomas Smythe and Anne Everinden [View Details]
MSS/0605 - Grant by Roger Graunger [View Details]
MSS/0606 - Westminster. Sale of inn and tenement [View Details]
MSS/0607 - Glastonbury. Grants by Edward I [View Details]
MSS/0608 - Mere, Somerset. Appropriation of the church of Mere [View Details]
MSS/0609 - Peterston, Norfolk. Grant of lands [View Details]
MSS/0610 - Queen Margaret. Grant of lands [View Details]
MSS/0611 - Westham, Sussex. Grant of land [View Details]
MSS/0612 - Immingham, Lincs. Grant of land [View Details]
MSS/0613 - Court of Arches. Decree regarding the arrest of William Bassingham [View Details]
MSS/0614 - Salisbury. Grant of lands [View Details]
MSS/0615 - Abbeys of Sawley and Furness. Agreement on tithes [View Details]
MSS/0616 - Sixtus IV. Grant of rights to Genoa [View Details]
MSS/0617 - Katherine Parr. Letters patent regarding the church of Harting [View Details]
MSS/0618 - Elizabeth I. Grants by Elizabeth I [View Details]
MSS/0619 - Norfolk. Common recovery records [View Details]
MSS/0620 - Meidrum, Carmarthen. Common recovery records [View Details]
MSS/0621 - Swan Roll for Norfolk [View Details]
MSS/0622 - Walsingham Priory. Cellarer's account [View Details]
MSS/0623 - Tents and Revels. Account of Sir Thomas Cawarden as Master of the Tents and Revels [View Details]
MSS/0624 - Sir Anthony Browne. Accounts of expenses in France [View Details]
MSS/0625 - Licence to empark. Letters Patent for Christopher More [View Details]
MSS/0626 - Dodnash Priory. Release of claim in possessions [View Details]
MSS/0627 - Robert Plot. Appointment as notary public [View Details]
MSS/0628 - Devon. Lease of a tenement in Barnstaple [View Details]
MSS/0629 - Chichester. Conveyance of lands to Roger Steward [View Details]
MSS/0630 - Politics. “The Politik Survey of a Kingdom” [View Details]
MSS/0631 - Exeter. Foundation deed of the Free Grammar School [View Details]
MSS/0632 - Musaeum Minervae. Licence for foundation [View Details]
MSS/0633 - Oxford. Copy of deed regarding the jurisdiction between the University and City of Oxford [View Details]
MSS/0634 - Lincoln. Account roll of the Bishop of Lincoln [View Details]
MSS/0635 - St Mary at Hill. Documents relating to lands in the parish [View Details]
MSS/0636 - Radcliffe family [View Details]
MSS/0637 - Elmley Castle. Court roll [View Details]
MSS/0638 - Rochester. Leases and licences [View Details]
MSS/0639 - Kent. Indenture relating to Christopher Venman and John Smith [View Details]
MSS/0640 - Stirchley, Shropshire. Deeds relating to the advowson [View Details]
MSS/0641 - All Hallows the Great. Lease [View Details]
MSS/0642 - Chatham. Sale of a moiety in land [View Details]
MSS/0644 - Nobility. ‘An exact Roll of the Nobillitie of Engl …’ [View Details]
MSS/0645 - Hoskins and Bourn families. Coats and blazons of alliances [View Details]
MSS/0646 - Peryent family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0647 - Richard Broughton. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0648 - Beresford family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0651 - London. Card index of references to London parishes [View Details]
MSS/0653 - Baltonsborough. Terrier of the manor [View Details]
MSS/0654 - Richard de la Pole. Receipt [View Details]
MSS/0655 - Abbeys, priories. Lists [View Details]
MSS/0656 - Bolton-by-Bowland. Various papers [View Details]
MSS/0657 - Martin Folkes. Papers relating to the publication of ‘Tables of English Silver and Gold Coins’ [View Details]
MSS/0659 - Order of the Bath. Stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0660 - Order of the Garter. Stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0661 - Order of the Garter. Stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0662 - Order of the Garter. Stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0663 - Heraldry. Herald painter’s book [View Details]
MSS/0665 - Nottinghamshire. Pedigrees [View Details]
MSS/0666 - Devon. Final concord relating to lands in Devon [View Details]
MSS/0667 - Suffolk families. Arms of Suffolk families, with notes [View Details]
MSS/0668 - Grants of arms. 'Genealogies & Copies of original Grants Confirmations of Arms Visitations &c' [View Details]
MSS/0669 - Kent. Fragments relating to arms and pedigrees [View Details]
MSS/0671 - Ancient customs. Extracts compiled by Thomas Morell [View Details]
MSS/0672 - Seckford family. Deed by Charles Seckford [View Details]
MSS/0673 - Nottingham. Sheriff appointment [View Details]
MSS/0674 - Visitation of Staffordshire. Made by Robert Glover [View Details]
MSS/0675 - Society of Antiquaries. Notebook of Joseph Ames (Secretary of the Society) [View Details]
MSS/0676 - Suffolk. Arms in Suffolk and Essex churches and houses [View Details]
MSS/0684 - Sir Thomas Morgan. Account of travel in France and Flanders [View Details]
MSS/0685 - Rev. John More. Diary and accounts [View Details]
MSS/0686 - Rev. John More. Diary [View Details]
MSS/0687 - Middle English texts, including ‘Prick of Conscience’ and ‘Piers Plowman’ [View Details]
MSS/0688 - Italian nobility. ‘Libro de Nobili Fatto nell’anno 1706…’ [View Details]
MSS/0690 - St Paul's cathedral. Records relating to St Paul's [View Details]
MSS/0691 - Yorkshire gentry. Pedigrees of Yorkshire families, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0694 - Kemeys family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0697 - Moguls. Portraits [View Details]
MSS/0699 - Peerage. Arms of the peers of England [View Details]
MSS/0701 - Statutes [View Details]
MSS/0702 - William Dowsing. Journal [View Details]
MSS/0703 - Hatton Book of Seals [View Details]
MSS/0707 - Parliament rolls. Abstract of rolls from 1330 to 1421 [View Details]
MSS/0710 - Skipwith family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0711 - Legal precedents [View Details]
MSS/0712 - Hours. Book of Hours (Use of Utrecht) [View Details]
MSS/0713 - Psalter [View Details]
MSS/0715 - Sir James Thornhill. Copy of 'A Tour Through Parts of Suffolk and Essex' [View Details]
MSS/0716 - Thomas Becket. Verse manuscripts [View Details]
MSS/0717 - Hours. Fragment of a Book of Hours (Dominican use) [View Details]
MSS/0718 - York Manual [View Details]
MSS/0719 - Southwick House. Inventory [View Details]
MSS/0720 - St Albans. 'Gleanings of Antiquity from Verolam and St. Albans, collected by J. Webster' [View Details]
MSS/0723 - Kentish antiquities. Letters, notes and drawings relating to items found in Kent [View Details]
MSS/0724 - Ely. Transcripts from manuscripts relating to Ely [View Details]
MSS/0726 - Heraldry. Heraldic notes relating to French cathedrals [View Details]
MSS/0727 - William Stukeley. Copies of papers associated with Stukeley [View Details]
MSS/0732 - Society of Antiquaries. List of papers and letters [View Details]
MSS/0741 - Berkeley barony. Claim to the barony [View Details]
MSS/0744 - Foreign arms [View Details]
MSS/0745 - Ingatestone Hall. Inventory [View Details]
MSS/0747 - Thomas Willement: ‘Regal Heraldry’ [View Details]
MSS/0749 - Essex Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0752 - Rev. John Brand. Diary [View Details]
MSS/0754 - Hebrew fragments [View Details]
MSS/0755 - Kirkstall Abbey. Transcripts of documents [View Details]
MSS/0757 - Heraldry. Funeral achievements [View Details]
MSS/0760 - Society of Antiquaries. Documents relating to Somerset House [View Details]
MSS/0762 - Northumberland household book [View Details]
MSS/0763 - Voltaire: ‘Philosophie’ [View Details]
MSS/0764 - Louis of Sicily. Coronation ordinances [View Details]
MSS/0774 - Griffith family. Description of a pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0775 - Newby family [View Details]
MSS/0790/A - Pudsey Papers [View Details]
MSS/0792 - Society of Antiquaries. Miscellaneous papers [View Details]
MSS/0793 - William Stukeley. 'Origines Britannicae' [View Details]
MSS/0794 - William Stukeley. Discourse on the origin of ancient Britons [View Details]
MSS/0796 - Jacob Schnebbelie. Sketchbook from Salisbury [View Details]
MSS/0799 - Proclamations. Catalogue slips [View Details]
MSS/0801 - Legh family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0802 - Delafield family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0806 - William Stukeley. 'Historia Coelestis...' [View Details]
MSS/0810 - Heraldry. Ordinary of arms [View Details]
MSS/0812 - Heralds' Roll [View Details]
MSS/0813 - Walford's roll [View Details]
MSS/0814 - Patent of nobility. Francisco de los Ancos [View Details]
MSS/0816 - Cranfield, Beds. Documents relating to the manor [View Details]
MSS/0818 - Thornton Abbey. Chronicle [copy] [View Details]
MSS/0821/* - Heraldry. Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0822 - Miracles of St Edmund. Tracings by James Basire, jun. [View Details]
MSS/0822/* - Heraldry. Key to MSS/0821/* [View Details]
MSS/0824 - Fortifications. Plans of imaginary fortifications [View Details]
MSS/0833 - Society of Antiquaries. "Centenary of the Society of Antiquaries 1851” [View Details]
MSS/0849 - Exchequer decrees [copy] [View Details]
MSS/0858 - Public accounts. Copies of precepts [View Details]
MSS/0859 - Sir Henry Slingsby. Diary [copy] [View Details]
MSS/0869 - Ethiopic psalter [View Details]
MSS/0879 - Carpio Collection. Drawings of the collection of the Marquès del Carpio in Rome [View Details]
MSS/0884 - William Stukeley. Paper on brick building in England [View Details]
MSS/0885 - Two documents. Certificate of James Belvielle and debts of Lord Robert Russell [View Details]
MSS/0886 - Quaker Marriage Certificate. Samuel Stanbridge and Susannah Whallston [View Details]
MSS/0888 - Order of the Garter. Statutes [View Details]
MSS/0898 - Heraldry. Treatise [View Details]
MSS/0912 - Baldwin Family. Pedigree [View Details]
MSS/0917 - Parliamentary journals. [View Details]
MSS/0922 - Feckenham. Documents relating to Feckenham, Worcs. [View Details]
MSS/0940 - Lowther Bequest. Civil War, Commonwealth and miscellaneous manuscripts [View Details]
MSS/0956 - Bible. Vulgate [View Details]
MSS/0961 - Koran [View Details]
MSS/0985 - Order of the garter. Letters patent for John VI of Portugal [View Details]
MSS/0986 - Epitaphs. Collection of Latin epitaphs from church monuments [View Details]
MSS/0991 - Epitaphs. Collection of mostly English epitaphs [View Details]
MSS/0993 - Coins. 'Dictionnaire historique et numismatique qui contient Les explications des Titres de dignités.. qui se trouvent sur les médailles antiques, Grecques et Romaines’ [View Details]
MSS/0994 - Royal documents [View Details]
MSS/1003 - Heraldry. Drawings of seals [View Details]
MSS/1004 - Heraldry. Armorial of Somerset families [View Details]
MSS/1008 - Seals. Detached seal impressions [View Details]