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Italy. Collection of tracts

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Italy. Collection of tracts
17th century
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Extent and format
Paper; ff. i + 279. Quarto. Leather, black, gilt-tooled, edges gilt. Annotations in English and Italian, mostly inked out, include 'Cambridge', fol. 1.
Scope and content
Collection of tracts, mostly political copies. Mostly Italian. Written in several hands. Contents:- (1) 'Relatione della Corte di Roma.'. An account of the protocol, officers, magistrates and their jurisdictions. fols. 1-84;- (2) An account of the kingdom of Naples, fols. 86-143;- (3) An account of the republic of Venice, fols. 144-97;- (4) 'Avvertimenti e Ricordi di Paulo III° al Cardinal Farnese'. Observations of Paul III (1534-49) on the succession to the papacy. fols. 198-203v;- (5) 'Breve Discorso sopra i pericoli..'. A warning of dangers incurred by princes who made alliances with heretics. fols. 204-14v;- (6) 'Avvertimenti dati dal sige: Torquato tasso..' Instructions transmitted by Torquato Tasso to Annibale di Capua (Archbishop of Naples) as nuntio extra-ordinary of Sixtus V (1585-90) to the Emperor (Rudolph II). fols. 215-24;- (7) 'Breve Discorso degli danni..'. A discourse on the public and private damage caused by heresy in France. fols. 225-33v;- (8) 'Armandus Dux Cardinalis de Richelliù Misterium Politicum 1641'. Latin. A series of paragraphs beginning 'Misterium es', on Cardinal Richelieu as a political mystery. fols. 235-8;- (9) 'Notamento di tutto i mali, e scandali..'. An account of evils and scandals arising from neglect of the interdict (of Paul V, 1606) by preachers, theologians, lay powers, and people. fols. 239-44;- (10) 'Informatione Contenuta nelle lettere scritte dal sige: Pietro della Valle.. del Modo di governarsi nel uiaggio di Turchia, e Persia'. Advice from the letters of Pietro della Valle (1586-1652). His Travels (1650, 1658) describe his travels in Turkey, 1614-15, and Persia, 1617-23. fols. 245-62;- (11) 'A'I Popoli Diletti Del Regno II Popolo Napolitano tradito si raccomanda'. An appeal for help by the people of Naples at the time of the 1647 rebellion. fols. 263-7v;- (12) 'Lettera Da incerto a Papa Pio V°:..', 1569. A letter to Pius V (1566-72) answering the arguments of Jews and prostitutes against their expulsion from Rome, with (fols. 275-9) reasons given by the Romans. fols. 268-79.
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