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Lowther Bequest. Civil War, Commonwealth and miscellaneous manuscripts

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Lowther Bequest. Civil War, Commonwealth and miscellaneous manuscripts
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MSS/0940/001. Small pocketbook, probably of a royalist officer, containing a transcript of John Cruso's Militarie instructions for the cavallrie (Cambridge, 1632; STC 6099), with additions from another source at the beginning and end; c. 1640. Bookplate of Sir Gervase Clifton, 4th Bt. (1666-1731). See Lowther's catalogue (LOW/001, no.45) where the additions are transcribed. Bought by Lowther from Lowe Bros., Birmingham. Miniature size. Leather, black, gilt-tooled.

MSS/0940/002. Two large quarto sheets containing an estimate of the cost of fitting out ships for the 'Summer Guard' conc. (a) ships abroad which might not return in time, 26 Dec.1651, and (b) a list of ships known to be available, 27 Dec.1651. See Lowther's transcripts in LOW/001, no.75. Grey folder.

MSS/0940/003. Former vellum covers, octavo, of tracts including A Perfect Relation of the Funerall of Robert Earl of Essex (1646) (an imperfect copy is preserved with the collection of Lowther tracts in SAL) now containing fragments (ff.3) of commercial accounts, including Dutch and English names and a reference to London, ?mid 17th century. With a fragment of a prayer (see 4).

MSS/0940/004. Four leaves, octavo, in very poor condition, containing prayers, dated 1720. Apparently once bound with the Essex tract (see 3). Now loose in old marbled boards.

MSS/0940/005. Notes and tables on the elements of harmony (attributed by Lowther to Samuel Raven, after 1769), formerly inserted in Lowther's copy of John Playford's Breefe Introduction to the Skill of Musick (3rd ed., 1658). Duodecimo. With a letter to Lowther from Margaret Dean-Smith, FSA, 13 Aug.1958, and a cutting from a catalogue of Frank B.Benger.

MSS/0940/006. Letters of George Leigh Mallory, mountaineer, to G.Christy, 1921-2, conc. a lecture tour.
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