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Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence. Works by Antoninus and others

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Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence. Works by Antoninus and others
late 15th century
Level of description
Extent and format
ff. ii + 196.
Small quarto.
Spine, modern cloth, cream, boards covered by paper stamped with a striped and floral design in green, red and yellow.
Scope and content
Works by Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence (d. 1459), and others. Main contents:-

(1) Works by Antoninus including the Confessionale (fols. 1-101v, 191v-5), extracts from his Summa theologica, part 2 (fols. 101v-9v), and 'dubia', with solutions (fols. 170-80v), preceded (fols. 165-9) by 16 unattributed 'dubia';-

(2) Excerpts conc. confession. fols. 110-12v;-

(3) Treatises relating to sin, including extracts from Thomas Aquinas, De Malo (fols. 115v-17), S. Bonaventura, Super magistrum sententiarum de peccatis (fols. 117v-20), and 'Egregius tratatus de peccatis mortalibus' (100 lines in verse; fols. 120-2; cf. Walther, no. 15425). fols. 112v-22;-

(4) Tracts on restitution for damages, payment of dues, etc., including (fols. 158-63v) the twelve grasping hands. fols. 123-63v;-

(5) Copies of letters:- Thomas Aquinas (fols. 163*-4); correspondence of Frater Rustitianus and Frater Antonius of Florence, 1439, 1441 (fols. 180v-3); and a letter on usury, 1455 (fols. 183-4);-

(6) List of 34 papal and 57 episcopal excommunications (cf. MSS/0335, fols. 1-7v). fols. 186v-91. Contents list, 15th century (fol. ii) gives the title of a missing item before the present fol. 1.

For further details see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 311. See also MSS/0335.
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