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Miscellaneous papers

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Miscellaneous papers
16th - 17th century
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ff. 111.
Bound with MSS/0123, MSS/0212.
Scope and content
Miscellaneous papers. Item numbers as in Ellis (1816), 65-7. Contents:-

(1) Roll of arms (numbered 1-204, with 205 added after 1617) of knights, temp. Henry VIII and later (including many not in Shaw), to which the shields on fol. 1 and index, fols. 18-21, relate; mid 16th century. With pedigrees, heraldic and genealogical notes, fol. 12v-17v. fols. 1-21v;-

(2) Arms of peers, tricked, some with short historical notices of the bearers, many unidentified; c. 1600. Unfinished and imperfect fragment, fols. 22-44v;-

(3-4) Knights of the Bath made at the creations of Henry, Prince of Wales, 3 June 1610, and Charles, Prince of Wales, 4 Nov. 1616. fols. 45-6;-

(5) Transcript of an account of the last illness of Charles II, 2-6 Feb. 1684/5 (by Sir Charles Scarburgh, chief physician), with copies of medical prescriptions. Latin. Published, with translation, in Sir Raymond Crawfurd, The Last Days of Charles II (Oxford, 1909). fols. 47-53v;-

(6) Account of the death (1714) of Queen Anne. fols. 55-6v;-

(7) Copies of letters from Dr J. Smith to the Duke and Duchess of Shrewsbury, relating to the last illness of Queen Anne, 30 Dec. 1713-25 March 1714. fols. 57-8v;-

(8) Members elected to serve in the Parliament summoned for 19 May (1685). fols. 59-62;-

(9) Details of the innoculation with smallpox of six condemned criminals in Newgate, August 1721. fols. 63-4v;-

(10) Copy (imperfect) of a letter from Oxford relating to the discovery of maggots in a dissected sheep's head. See the letter on the same topic from John Thorpe, senior, to Sir Hans Sloane, Oxford, 24 July 1704 (Phil. Trans., no. 295, p. 1800). fol. 65;-

(11) 'De Erysipelate Collectanea'. Latin. On eruptions of the skin. fols. 66-7;-

(12) Observations on the use of ipecacuanha (Brazilian plant, used as an emetic), with bibliographic references, fol. 68r, v;-

(13) Extracts from chronicles and heraldic sources relating to the Gentlemen Pensioners, fols. 69-70;-

(14) Defence by William Nicolson, Bishop of Carlisle (1702-18), against aspersions by the Bishop of Bangor. fol. 71;-

(15) Letter of J. Seguin, early 18th century, describing the statue of Venus discovered at Arles in 1651. fol. 72r, v;-

(16) 'How a Prynce may be made a King' and other notes on creations of nobility; 17th century, fol. 73r, v;-

(17) List of noblemen and gentlemen in the embassy of the Maréchal de Cossé to England, 16 April 1581; late 16th century, fols. 74-5;-

(18) Pass, issued on the authority of Peter the Great, for an English vessel laden with Russian goods to clear customs at St Petersburg, 3? (in flourish at head) August 1718. Russian. The captain's name is given as William Long; an English merchant, Izaak Collins, is mentioned. With stamp of the double-headed eagle and red wax seal (a sailing vessel), fols. 76-7v;-

(19) Letter of (Dean) Jonathan Swift to 'Varina' (Miss Jane Waring, of Belfast), 29 Apr. 1696. For the context see the DNB (which misquotes and misdates the letter). Published from this MS by Hermann J. Real, 'Two Swift Autographs Rediscovered', Swift Studies, 11 (Münster, 1996), 4-11. Presented by George, 1st Earl Macartney, FSA, 21 March 1805. Minute Book XXX, p. 379. Archaeologia, 15 (1806), 412. fols. 78-9v;-

(20) Constitutions of the Constantine Order of St George; late 17th century. Latin. See B. Burke, The Book of Orders of Knighthood (1858), 179-83. fols. 80-98v;-

(21) Notices of pictures at Althorp, Lord Cobham's, Woburn Abbey, Lord Pomfret's, and other collections; 18th century. fols. 99-102v;-

(22) Note of institutions to livings in Hunts., 1587-90; 18th century, fol. 103;-

(23-4) Inscriptions on monuments at Battle, Sussex, Hackney, Islington and Stepney, Middlx.; 18th century. fols. 104-10.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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