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Heraldry. Extracts from a manuscript by William Tonge

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Heraldry. Extracts from a manuscript by William Tonge
16th century - 18th century
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Extent and format
Paper; ff. i + 27. Early 18th century. Quarto. Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards. Motto on the title page (fol. 1), 'I will not gaine'. Bound with SAL/MS/24.
Scope and content
Extracts from a Manuscript (in the possession of Mr. James Coats of London Arms-Painter) Intitled, The Blason of Armes Contayning two Alphabetes, the firste of Emperors and Kinges, the second of Noblemen and Gentlemen. Collect. per Willm. Tonge Annis Dni 1590 & 1591' (fol. 1). Extracts made by John Thorpe, senior; early 18th century. Consists of an alphabet of arms of gentry, mostly Kent, Abell to Yates, with blazons, fols. 2-2 Iv; index of names, Adington to Wellborne, relating to a different MS, fols. 22-5; incomplete alphabet with blazons, Allen of Borden to Draper, with a few extra names, fols. 25v-7. The alphabet of emperors and kings is not included.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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