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Sir Thomas Wriothesley. Collection of heraldic material

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Sir Thomas Wriothesley. Collection of heraldic material
16th century
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Extent and format
pp. ix + 448.
Original vellum binding. Narrow binding strips from a medieval grammatical(?) text, c. 1300 (p. v recto reference to 'metamorphosis'; p. vii verso 'ethimologia'). Early (? College of Arms) pressmarks, e.g. G.1, F.2, A.1, p. iv, with 'I. 9' and contents lists by John Anstis, senior, Garter (see also MSS/0461, fol. vi).
Scope and content
A collection of arms, some coloured, pedigrees and other heraldic material, early 16th century, with later 16th century additions. The collection was begun by Sir Thomas Wriothesley, Garter 1505-34, and includes versions of rolls indexed by him in the Registrum Armorum (in Sir Thomas Holme's Book II, BL Add. MS 45133, fols. 117-57v), e.g. the St George roll (pp. 77-127), many drafts for his letter rolls, H, R and S, and parts of his series of ordinaries (lions, pp. 216-23; saltires, pp. 292-7; chevrons, pp. 322-31). Other contents include:- The petition of Sir William Bruges, first Garter King, to Henry V (pp. 142-7); arms at jousts at Auderne, 1520 (pp. 156-7), and at Paris, 1514 (pp. 270-83), on the marriage of Mary Tudor to Louis XII; grant by Roger Machado, Clarenceux, to the Haberdashers Company, 1503 (p. 164); arms of bishops, temp. Henry VII (pp. 204-11); arms on Vernon monuments in the church at Tonge, etc. (pp. 284-6). Later 16th century entries (pp. 20-73) include the Duke of Norfolk's order conc. the giving of arms, 1565 (p. 29), Camden's confirmation of arms to James Bourcher, 1599 (p. 31), and many pedigrees, e.g. Warren, (pp. 20-2) and Bohun (pp. 26-7). Other pedigrees, pp. 202-3, 400-29. Indexes, 16th century, pp. vi (with two lines of verse, 'He ys a foole that dothe his charge enhance Upon promys wtowt odir substance'), 7-19. Later contents lists, pp. iv (by Anstis), 6. Notes by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, pp. viii-ix. See also Aspilogia, II (1967), 274, 280.
Wriothesley, Thomas (d 1534), Knight, herald
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Archival history
Apparently owned by Sir Edward Dering, 17th century (note by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, p. viii). Armorial bookplate of Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre, p. i. Belhus sale (Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard), Savill, 8-17 May 1923. Bookplate of Ralph Griffin as Sec. SA, p. ii