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Queen Joan. 'Primus compotus Johannis Bugge Armigeri...' [accounts of John Bugge, treasurer]

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Queen Joan. 'Primus compotus Johannis Bugge Armigeri...' [accounts of John Bugge, treasurer]
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Vellum; ff. iii + 69. Folio (fols. 60-9 smaller). Leather, brown. Original vellum cover, fol. ii. Together with a large folder containing transcripts by John Brand, John Topham and another of most of the contents.
Scope and content
"Primus compotus Johannis Bugge Armigeri Thes(aurarii) ac Receptoris generalis Johanne Regine Anglie Ac quintus compotus dicti Johannis garderobarum regine" (fol. ii). Accounts of John Bugge, treasurer and receiver general of Joan, Queen consort of Henry IV, from 4 Apr. 5 Hen. VI (1427) to 4 Apr. 1428. Slightly imperfect.

The revenues and dower of the widowed Queen Joan, confiscated in 1419, were restored to her by 1423; she lived in retirement at Langley and Havering until 1437. Letters Patent of the Queen appointing John Bugge as her treasurer and receiver general, 28 March 1427, fol. 1 (with note of enrolment in the Memoranda rolls), and announcing this appointment to her officials, 13 May 1427, fols. 1v-2. The various offices held by John Bugge and dates of his appointments are given on fol. 2v. Main contents:- (1) Receipts and payments as receiver general, 4 Apr. 1427-4 Apr. 1428. Rents, etc., arranged by counties, including alien priories, fols. 3-15; receipts from ulnage, ports, etc., fols. 15-17v; sum total of receipts, fol. 17v; records conc, the Queen's finances including two letters (fols. 19v-20v) of Henry VI, 25 Feb., 12 Dec. 1427, fols. 18v-21; expenses including fees, annuities, payments of debts, gifts, advances, fols. 22-33v;- (2) Wardrobe accounts including alms, chapel expenses, fol. 34; 'firma shop Regine iuxta Garderobam suam apud Alderychegate', fol. 35v; payments for cloth, clothing, fur, etc., fols. 36-44; necessaries, fol. 45; repairs to buildings of the Queen's Wardrobe, fol. 46; summaries of receipts and payments, with some details, including those of the Queen's Chamber (fols. 48v-50), 3 Apr. 1427-4 Apr. 1428, fols. 46v-55v; list of chapel furnishings, etc., with a marginal reference (fol. 56) to the Queen's warrant, 4 Jan. 1429, for their delivery to Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester (Eleanor Cobham), fols. 56-9;- (3) Accounts as treasurer of the household. Expenses on victuals, etc., 21 Jan.-3 Apr. 1428 (i.e. after John Bugge's appointment, cf. fol. 2v), fols. 61-7; oblations to preachers, fol. 67v; gifts, fol. 68v; sum total of expenses as receiver general and treasurer of the household and wardrobe, fol. 69v. Some pen decoration of initials (face, fol. 2v).
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Archival history
Owned by Lord Monson in 1792 (see the communication by Topham, 19 Jan.1792; Minute Book XXIV, pp.184-9), and presented by him (Council Minutes, 14 Feb.1792). Lot 699 in the sale of Topham's library, Sotheby's, 9-12 Feb.1804, but claimed by SA; Council Minutes, 10 Feb., 2 March 1804. Publication was proposed, Council Minutes, 5 June 1793; the transcripts were completed by 1811 when Craven Ord was permitted to borrow the original and transcripts (Council Minutes, 12 Dec. 1811).