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Various 16th century papers regarding Scotland and England

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Various 16th century papers regarding Scotland and England
c. 1565
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Extent and format
ff. ii + 20 + 48.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards. Bound with MSS/0089.

Fragment (fol. ii) of a vellum leaf from a missal, probably Sarum, 15th century, preserving most of two columns containing part of the Benedictio cerei from the Easter Vigil, bound in reverse order.
Scope and content
Two groups of papers in various hands relating to Scotland (items 1-5), c. 1565, and England (items 6-25, formerly bound in reverse and separately foliated), mostly temp. Jas. I. Listed in Ellis (1816), 33-4, whose item nos. are retained for the present summary:-

(1)-(3) Poem by Thomas Jenye (fl. 1565-83), 'Mr Randolphs phantasie' (heading, fol. 2), relating to 1565, with a dedicatory epistle (fols. 1-2) to Thomas Randolph, Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth to Scotland. fols. 1-11v. See the edition in Satirical Poems of the Time of the Reformation (Scottish Text Society, 1890);-

(4) 'A discorse of Late trobles happenede in Scotelonde..', relating to the murder of David Rizzio, 9 March 1565/6, etc. fols. 12-20v;-

(5) Poem, 'Who lyst to marke the Skotyshe gyse' (15 stanzas). fols. 47v-8, followed by a medical recipe for an unguent to take away pain and bruising from gunshot wounds. fol. 48v. The poem also occurs in Cambridge, Magdalene College, Pepys MS 1408, fols. 89v-91. (Inf. Professor Steven May);-

(6) Notes from Camden's Britannia. fols. 1-11;-

(7) 'The degres of the nobility of England' beginning with Paulet, Marquess of Winchester; the last Baron is Clifton, 1608. fols. 12-18v;-

(8) Knights Baronet made by James I, 1612. fol. 19;-

(9)-(11) Knights of the Bath made by James I at his Coronation, 1603, and at the creations of Henry, Prince of Wales, 1610, and of Charles, Duke of York, 1605. fol. 19v;-

(12) General note of knights made by James I since 1603. fols. 20-1v;-

(13) Officers of the courts of revenue with fees. fol. 22;-

(14) Names of knights 'made latlie'. fol. 22v;-

(15) Number and names of the King's ships. fol. 23;-

(16)-(17) Notes out of France and Spain. fols. 24-5;-

(18) Notes of the gentry in various counties of England, apparently derived from Camden. fols. 26-35;-

(19) The Proceeding of James I to Parliament, 30 Jan. 1620/1. fols. 36-8;-

(20) Note of certain marquesses, earls and barons. fols. 41-4v;-

(21)-(25) Notes on the lives and deaths of eminent people beginning with Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March. fols. 45-6v.
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