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MSS/0344 - Lorraine. Genealogical tables of the principal families of Lorraine [View Details]
MSS/0345 - L’ordre du Saint Esprit [View Details]
MSS/0346 - Thomas Willement. Heraldic collections [View Details]
MSS/0347 - Heraldry. Arms of English sovereigns and peers [View Details]
MSS/0348 - Heraldry. Arms of English sovereigns and peers [View Details]
MSS/0349 - Heraldry. Arms of sovereigns and peers [View Details]
MSS/0350 - Sir Edward Dering. Compilation of the arms of the lords summoned to Parliaments in 1297-1309 [View Details]
MSS/0351 - Thomas Jenyns’s Book [View Details]
MSS/0352 - Heraldry. Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0353 - Ordinary of arms [View Details]
MSS/0354 - Sir Edward Walker [View Details]
MSS/0355 - Knights of the Garter. Stall Plates [View Details]
MSS/0356 - Knights of the Garter. Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0357 - Garter stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0358 - Garter stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0359 - Knights of the Bath. Ceremony and stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0360 - Knights of the Bath. Stall plates [View Details]
MSS/0361 - Belgian families. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0362 - Heraldry. Transcripts of two collections of arms [View Details]
MSS/0363 - Bremen Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0364 - Irish arms [View Details]
MSS/0365 - Grant of arms [View Details]
MSS/0366 - Italian families. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0367 - Solothurn. 'Verzeichnung abgestorbenen Herren Zunft Brüderen beyden Pfisteren'. [View Details]
MSS/0368 - Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0369 - Seals. Drawings of seals of religious houses in Surrey [View Details]
MSS/0370 - Seals. Drawings of seals of religious houses in Hampshire [View Details]
MSS/0371 - Seals. Drawings of seals of religious houses in Leicestershire [View Details]
MSS/0372 - Seals. Drawings by John Coney [View Details]
MSS/0373 - German arms [View Details]
MSS/0374 - Augsburg. Arms of attendants of the Diet of Augsburg and others [View Details]
MSS/0375 - Foreign Arms [View Details]
MSS/0376 - Nuremberg. Arms of noble families [View Details]
MSS/0377 - German arms [View Details]
MSS/0378 - Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0379 - Heraldic treatise [View Details]
MSS/0380 - Welsh arms [View Details]
MSS/0381 - Arms of baronets [View Details]
MSS/0382 - Armorial. Arms of Charles I, dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts and barons [View Details]
MSS/0383 - Irish arms [View Details]
MSS/0384 - College of Arms [View Details]
MSS/0385 - Cooke’s grants, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0386 - State papers, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0387 - Steinhauser family. Genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0388 - Scheurl family. Genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0389 - Italian families. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0390 - Arms of guilds [View Details]
MSS/0391 - Philip II. Conformation of nobility of Elvira de Andrada [View Details]
MSS/0392 - Joseph I. Grant of nobility to brothers von und zu Veith [View Details]
MSS/0393 - Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0394 - Zurich. Arms of officials and of the twelve trade guilds [View Details]
MSS/0395 - Charles Vi. Patents of arms from the Austrian Netherlands [View Details]
MSS/0396 - Alphabet of arms [View Details]
MSS/0397 - Visitations [View Details]
MSS/0398 - Foreign arms [View Details]
MSS/0399 - Mottoes [View Details]
MSS/0400 - Archbishops of France [View Details]
MSS/0401 - French families [View Details]
MSS/0402 - London arms [View Details]
MSS/0403 - Heraldic Scrapbook [View Details]
MSS/0404 - Differences of Arms [View Details]
MSS/0405 - Grandison family. Genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0406 - Irish arms [View Details]
MSS/0407 - Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0408 - Arms of Nobility [View Details]
MSS/0409 - Italian arms [View Details]
MSS/0410 - London arms [View Details]
MSS/0411 - Philip II. Attestation of nobility to Diego Parexa de Peralta [View Details]
MSS/0412 - Manuel I. Grant of civil rights and excise to Torres Novas [View Details]
MSS/0413 - Philip IV. Attestation of nobility for Juan de Mansilla, Duque de Strada [View Details]
MSS/0414 - Philip II. Attestation of nobility for Alonso de Torres [View Details]
MSS/0415 - Philip II. Attestation of nobility for Diego de Villena [View Details]
MSS/0416 - Philip II. Attestation of nobility for Hernando and Martin de la Bega [View Details]
MSS/0417 - Charles VI. Grant of arms to Hermann Wilhelm Langscheidt [View Details]
MSS/0418 - Charles V. Grant of arms to Caspar Sengel [View Details]
MSS/0419 - Charles, Archduke of Austria. Grant of arms to Hans Droffner [View Details]
MSS/0420 - Seals. Register of Robert Bateman Wray [View Details]
MSS/0421 - Seals, etc. [View Details]
MSS/0422 - French arms [View Details]
MSS/0425 - Toulouse. Armorial [View Details]
MSS/0426 - Edward Rowe Mores. Notebook [View Details]
MSS/0427 - Heraldry. Memoranda [View Details]
MSS/0428 - Irish peers [View Details]
MSS/0429 - Smith family. Arms [View Details]
MSS/0430 - Coffin plates. 'A Collection of Inscriptions from Coffin Plates & Motto Rings’ by B Longmate [View Details]
MSS/0431 - Watts family. Genealogy [View Details]
MSS/0432 - Throckmorton family. Armorial bearings [View Details]
MSS/0433 - Heraldry. Memoranda [View Details]
MSS/0434 - Monumental inscriptions. “A Transcript of severall Coates of armes …“ [View Details]
MSS/0435 - Album Amicorum. Album of Arnout Phelippot [View Details]
MSS/0436 - Album amicorum. Album of Matthäus Schmoll [View Details]
MSS/0437 - Album Amicorum. Album of Johann Hupffer [View Details]
MSS/0438 - Album Amicorum. Album of Adam Arend von Oeynhausen of Westphalia [View Details]
MSS/0439 - Album Amicorum. Album of Andrew Adam Hochstetter [View Details]
MSS/0440 - Album Amicorum. Album of Johann Woler [View Details]
MSS/0441 - Items relating to heraldry [View Details]
MSS/0442 - Order of the Garter. Arms [View Details]
SPE - Monumental Heraldry. 'A Monumental Armory’ by J H Sperling [View Details]