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Imperfect copy of chronicles attributed to Peucer

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Imperfect copy of chronicles attributed to Peucer
Level of description
Extent and format
Paper; ff. iii + 178 (corners of leaves at the front of the volume eaten by ?mice).
Vellum binding. Modern repairs.
Scope and content
Imperfect copy of chronicles of European history here attributed to Caspar Peucer (1525-1602), transcribed by William Blower of Dartford (signatures, fols. ii verso, 47); between 18 Dec. 1605 (fol. ii verso) and 8 Dec. 1606 (fol. 177v).
Probably translated into English from one of the editions of J. Carion's Chronique augmented by P. Melanchthon and his son-in-law Peucer. Consists of the end of book four (fols. 1-47) and book five (fols. 47v-177v) of a much larger work. The period covered is later 12th century to Luther. This volume is numbered 4 (front cover, fol. ii verso); Blower refers to the continuation of the work in another volume numbered 5 (fol. 177v).
Blower, William (fl 1605-06)
Peucer, Caspar (1525-1602), physician and scholar
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