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Statutes. Statutes of the Realm

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Statutes. Statutes of the Realm
second half 13th century-mid 14th century
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Extent and format
Vellum; ff. 62 (fol. 42* is a fragment). Duodecimo. Modern calf.
Scope and content
Statutes of the Realm beginning imperfectly with the first Statute of Westminster, and law treatises.

For information on other sources see J. H. Baker, J. S. Ringrose, A Catalogue English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library (1996), passim.

Contents:- (1) Statutum Westm. primum, fols. 1-20v. Statutes of the Realm (SR) I, 26. Lacks opening;- (2) Statutum de Emptoribus terrarum, fol. 21. SR, I, 106. Lacks opening;- (3) Tractatus de antiquo Dominico, fols. 21v-3. For other sources see Baker, ibid., 49-50;- (4) Compositio de Ponderibus, fols. 23-5. SR, I, 204;- (5) Quot modis dicitur Excepcio, fol. 25r, v. Baker, ibid., 96-7;- (6) De Bigamis, fols. 25v-8. SR, I, 42;- (7) De Moneta, fols. 28-30v. SR, I, 219;- (8) Articuli de Moneta, fols. 30v-1. SR, I, 219a;- (9) Brevis ejusdem, fols. 31-2v;- (10) De Scaccario, fols. 32v-9v. SR, I, 197;- (11) Districciones ejusdem, fols. 39v-41. SR, I, 197b;- (12) Summa Bastardie, fols. 42*v-51. Baker, ibid., 65-6. Begins imperfectly;- (13) Ordo Excepcionum, fols. 51-3v. Baker, ibid., 70;- (14) Capituli Magne Carte, fol. 54r, v. SR, I, Charters, 6;- (15) Capituli de Merton, fol. 54v. SR, I, 1;- (16) De Irreplegialibus, fol. 55. SR, I, 30;- (17) Capituli de Marleberge, fols. 55v-6. SR, I, 19;- (18) Capituli Gloucestr., fol. 56. SR, I, 47;- (19) Tituli Statutorum Westm. primi et secundi, fols. 56-8v. Cf. SR, I, 26, 71;- (20) Communes dies in Banco de Placito terre, fol. 59. SR, I, 208;- (21) Communes dies in Banco de Placito Dotis, fol. 59v. SR, I, 208;- (22) Qualiter essonia non jacent (SR, I, 217), and notes on various statutes, fols. 60-2v.

For dates of entries see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 295.

Added, 15th century, a copy of a writ addressed to the guardians of the peace in Shropshire conc. disturbances in Clone (Clun), fols. 41v-2v.
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