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Statutes of the Realm

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Statutes of the Realm
second half 13th century-mid 14th century
Level of description
Extent and format
Vellum; ff. 62 (fol. 42* is a fragment).
Modern calf binding.
Scope and content
Statutes of the Realm beginning imperfectly with the first Statute of Westminster, and law treatises.


(1) Statutum Westm. primum, fols. 1-20v. Statutes of the Realm (SR) I, 26. Lacks opening;-

(2) Statutum de Emptoribus terrarum, fol. 21. SR, I, 106. Lacks opening;-

(3) Tractatus de antiquo Dominico, fols. 21v-3. For other sources see Baker, ibid., 49-50;-

(4) Compositio de Ponderibus, fols. 23-5. SR, I, 204;-

(5) Quot modis dicitur Excepcio, fol. 25r, v. Baker, ibid., 96-7;-

(6) De Bigamis, fols. 25v-8. SR, I, 42;-

(7) De Moneta, fols. 28-30v. SR, I, 219;-

(8) Articuli de Moneta, fols. 30v-1. SR, I, 219a;-

(9) Brevis ejusdem, fols. 31-2v;-

(10) De Scaccario, fols. 32v-9v. SR, I, 197;-

(11) Districciones ejusdem, fols. 39v-41. SR, I, 197b;-

(12) Summa Bastardie, fols. 42*v-51. Baker, ibid., 65-6. Begins imperfectly;-

(13) Ordo Excepcionum, fols. 51-3v. Baker, ibid., 70;-

(14) Capituli Magne Carte, fol. 54r, v. SR, I, Charters, 6;-

(15) Capituli de Merton, fol. 54v. SR, I, 1;-

(16) De Irreplegialibus, fol. 55. SR, I, 30;-

(17) Capituli de Marleberge, fols. 55v-6. SR, I, 19;-

(18) Capituli Gloucestr., fol. 56. SR, I, 47;-

(19) Tituli Statutorum Westm. primi et secundi, fols. 56-8v. Cf. SR, I, 26, 71;-

(20) Communes dies in Banco de Placito terre, fol. 59. SR, I, 208;-

(21) Communes dies in Banco de Placito Dotis, fol. 59v. SR, I, 208;-

(22) Qualiter essonia non jacent (SR, I, 217), and notes on various statutes, fols. 60-2v.

Added, 15th century, a copy of a writ addressed to the guardians of the peace in Shropshire conc. disturbances in Clone (Clun), fols. 41v-2v.

For information on other sources see J. H. Baker, J. S. Ringrose, A Catalogue English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library (1996), passim.

For dates of entries see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 295.
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