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Boccus and Sydrach. Translation by Hugh of Caumpedene

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Boccus and Sydrach. Translation by Hugh of Caumpedene
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Paper; ff. 77 (+ 15*).
Modern vellum binding (1989). Dealer's mark, 19th century, fol. 1.
Former vellum covers (now preserved separately as 252*) formed from an architectural plan [? early 16th century], possibly of a palatial or collegiate building. 'Ann Reede hyr Book' on the former covers; 'My Lady Anne Redes boke' (note, fol. 1, first half 16th century).

John A Goodall, FSA, suggests that the plan relates to a design for Eton College, 1448-49; see Country Life, 15 Nov 2001, pp 70-1.
Scope and content
An abridgment of the verse translation from the French by Hugh of Caumpedene of the dialogue Boccus and Sydrach; c.1500. Middle English. Imperfect. Lacks quires iii-v, vii-ix, and there are lacunae after fols. 10, 21, 22, 28, 29; ends imperfectly, after quire xiii, in section 381. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 308. Other sources include BL Sloane MS 2232 (H. D. L. Ward, Catalogue of Romances, I (1883), 919-20) and Bodl. Lib. MS Laud misc. 559 to which the present manuscript is very close (inf. Dr. Tom Burton, Adelaide University; an edition by him is forthcoming).
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