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Boccus and Sydrach. Translation by Hugh of Caumpedene

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Boccus and Sydrach. Translation by Hugh of Caumpedene
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Paper; ff. 77 (+ 15*). Folio. Modern vellum (1989). Former vellum covers (now preserved separately as 252*) formed from an architectural plan, early 16th century, possibly of a palatial or collegiate building. 'Ann Reede hyr Book' on the former covers; 'My Lady Anne Redes boke' (note, fol. 1, first half 16th century). Dealer's mark, 19th century, fol. 1.
Scope and content
An abridgment of the verse translation from the French by Hugh of Caumpedene of the dialogue Boccus and Sydrach; c.1500. Middle English. Imperfect. Lacks quires iii-v, vii-ix, and there are lacunae after fols. 10, 21, 22, 28, 29; ends imperfectly, after quire xiii, in section 381. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 308. Other sources include BL Sloane MS 2232 (H. D. L. Ward, Catalogue of Romances, I (1883), 919-20) and Bodl. Lib. MS Laud misc. 559 to which the present manuscript is very close (inf. Dr. Tom Burton, Adelaide University; an edition by him is forthcoming).
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