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Extracts. Five manuscripts bound together

Reference code
Extracts. Five manuscripts bound together
18th century
Level of description
Extent and format
Paper; ff. xvii + 124.
Small folio.
Cloth binding, blue. Items (2), (4) presented as noted.
Scope and content
(1) Copies of Roman inscriptions; Latin. Consisting of:- 'Antiquae Inscriptiones Arimini olim extantes quas descripsit Caesar.. in primo Volumine.. de rebus Ariminensibus' (Caesar, De bello civili, I, 8-11), fols. 1-3; 'Inscriptiones antiquae ex musaeo academicorum etruscorum Cortonae AD MDCCXXIX', fols. 4-9. With pen and wash drawings of Roman antiquities, including a temple, fols. 10-12. 'Ex dono Amicisso: mei D. Andreae Abatis Bataglini' (Battaglini family, of Rimini), fol. v. Embossed paper covers, green and gold. fols. 1-12;-

(2) Extracts from French archives conc. the coronations of Philippe de Valois, 1328, Jean II, 1350, François I, 1514, Louis XV, 1722; French. On the original paper cover, fol. vii, 'This belongs to the Bishop of St: Asaph 1761' (Richard Newcome). Letter, fol. viii, from the Rev. Thomas Newcome, FSA, Shenley, Herts., 27 May 1850, presenting the extracts found by him when clearing out old family papers. Proc., 1st ser., 2 (1849-53), 82 (meeting, 30 May 1850). fols. 13-33v;-

(3) Memoranda relating to the families of Percy, Earls of Northumberland, and Percy of Scotton, Lincs., later of Stubswalden, Yorks.; Latin and English. fols. 34-40;-

(4) Extracts (possibly from Cambridge University Library MS 2336) mostly relating to royal grants of lands in Norfolk and Suffolk, temp. Edw. I-Edw. IV; Latin. Index of places, fols. 78-93. Presented by Francis, 5th Marquess of Hertford, 13 Nov. 1794 (fol. x). Minute Book XXV, 13 Nov. 1794, pp. 230-1. Archaeologia, 12 (1796), 429. fols. x verso + 41-93;-

(5) 'Cartae de Hyltonis'. Transcripts of charters, etc., relating to the family of Hilton (Hylton), Barons Hilton, temp. 12th-17th century, from the records of the bishop, dean and chapter of Durham, etc.; Latin and English. With notes relating to lands of the former priory of Durham and the rectory of Monkswearmouth after the Dissolution (fol. xvii). Marbled paper covers. fols. 94-124 verso.
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Latin, French and English (see Scope and Content for details)