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Casuistry. 'Resoluciones quorundam casuum Nationis Anglicanae’

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Casuistry. 'Resoluciones quorundam casuum Nationis Anglicanae’
16th century
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Extent and format
Paper; ff. 65. Quarto. Leather, brown, mottled and plain panels, blind-tooled.
Scope and content
Resoluciones quorundam casuum Nationis Anglicanae (heading, fol. 1); also called 'The solutions of A. & P.', fols. ii, iii. A text for the guidance of Catholics in England, after the anti-recusant laws of 1581, giving many examples of difficulties and dangerous situations and recommended behaviour; late 16th century. English secretary hand. Preface, fols. 1-2v, and three main sections conc, those returning to England; those already resident; and those in captivity. The final section includes advice on responding to interrogation, e.g. if Queen Elizabeth was the true Queen of England, or if she was a heretic, fol. 65. Each case is followed by a resolution and most have final decisions (not always the same) attributed to 'A. & P' (Robert Persons and William Allen). The text has been translated and edited from a slightly less complete source (Lambeth MSS 565, fols. 16-55v), by P. J. Holmes, Elizabethan Casuistry (Catholic Record Society, 1981). The present MS has the end of case 3 in the third section, and two further cases including suggested replies to interrogations.
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