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Slavonic liturgy

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Slavonic liturgy
mid 17th century
Level of description
Extent and format
Paper; ff. xi + 98. Duodecimo. Stamped leather binding, brown, with clasps (probably Polish, inf. J. B. Oldham, FSA). Poems, in English, on religious subjects (fols. ii verso-x) followed by collects (fols. x verso-xi verso), in an 18th-century English hand
Scope and content
A compendium for use by a priest; Church Slavonic. Contents:- (1) Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. Priest's and deacon's parts only. fols. 1-23;- (2) Prayers for Communion, fols. 24-57v;- (3) Kanon of prayer to the BVM. fols. 58-66*;- (4) Service of the Akathist of the BVM. fols. 66*v-88v;- (5) Order of the Blessing of Water, fols. 89-98v. Penwork head and endpieces, marginal decoration (e.g. fol. 7v) and small initials.
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Church Slavonic