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Political papers

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Political papers
17th century
Level of description
Extent and format
ff. i + 80 + 26.
Leather binding, brown, blind-tooled.
Scope and content
Political and legal papers; copies, temp. Jas. I-c. 1630. As follows:-

(1) 'A Speech made in the Starrchamber touchinge the conspiracie of the Earle of Essex..'. Speeches delivered in open court by the Lord Keeper (Sir Thomas Egerton), the Lord Admiral (Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham), Sir William Knollys and Sir Robert Cecil, 13 Feb. 1600/1. fols. 1-6;-

(2) Speech by Sir Robert Cecil in the Star Chamber, 17 Feb. 1600/1, relating to the same. fols. 7-11v;-

(3) 'Pro Salute Domini Regis et Subditorum Suorum. A Reconciliation made betweene the Kinge and his Subiects'. Statement of grievances conc. the Exchequer, collection of revenue, remedies, etc. Bound out of order; the original last page (fol. 27v) refers to a patent granting to Richard Putto the right to a fifth part of debts recovered for the king (cf. the reference to this right, 6 July 1611, CSPD Jas. I 1611-18, 55). Not the treatise by Sir Robert Cotton (whose name is crossed out on the titlepage, fol. 13), but an anonymous treatise, c. 1612, after the Treasury was put into Commission (for another copy see BL Stowe MS 302, fols. 16-37v, imperfect). fols. 13-34. Index of points in a different hand, fol. 35;-

(4) The case of Sir John Eliot. Information exhibited (3 Oct. 1629) in the court of King's Bench by the Attorney General (Sir Robert Heath) against Sir John Eliot, Denzil Hollis and Benjamin Valentine, with speeches, judgment (12 Feb. 1629/30), and note of the fines, conc. the incident in the House of Commons on 2 March 1628/9 when the Speaker was held down so that Sir John Eliot could read out resolutions. Mostly published in J. Rushworth, Historical Collections, I (1659), App. 44-55. See Archaeologia, 38 (1860), 237-45, for other sources. fols. 37-68. At fol. 69 a summary of points by the same hand as fol. 35;-

(5) 'A relation of the proceedings against Embassadors..' (who exceeded their commission), by Sir Robert Cotton, 27 Apr. 1614. fols. 71-8. At the foot of fol. 78 notes by the same hand as fols. 35, 69;-

(6) Bound at the end (separate foliation) two printed items, 1689-90:-

(a) An Act for raising money towards the reducing of Ireland (royal assent, 1 May 1689). Statutes, 1 Will. and Mary, c. 13. fols. 1-20;-

(b) The Case of the City of Oxford, relating to the bill (laid aside on prorogation of Parliament, 27 Jan. 1690) to confirm the privileges of Oxford University, with a proviso saving the rights of the city. fols. 21-6.
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