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Miscellaneous papers

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Miscellaneous papers
16th-18th century
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ff. 111.
Bound with MSS/0123, 206.
Scope and content
Miscellaneous papers; See Ellis (1816), 67-8. As follows:-

(1) Terrier of lands apparently of the Poytes family in Litcham, Norf.; 16th century. Latin. Vellum, fols. 1-8;-

(2) Rental of lands of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, formerly of Leeds Priory; 1641. (Preceded by a vellum leaf containing interrogatories relating to Thomas Reve in a dispute conc, a messuage called the George in Maidstone, fol. 11). fols. 12-18v;-

(3) Treatise on the title of the heirs of the Ladies Frances and Eleanor (daughters of Mary, sister of Henry VIII and Charles, Duke of Suffolk), to the Crown of England, fols. 20-4, followed by a treatise (transcript of the published work by John Lesley, Bp of Ross, 1584) relating to the title to the same of Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI of Scotland (afterwards James I), fols. 25-8. Sent to SA by John, Viscount Perceval; see Minute Book III, 3 Nov. 1737, p. 62. fols. 20-8;-

(4) Speech by an MP proposing that the House of Lords be restored, March 1659/60. fols. 32-42;-

(5) Names of towns in the Soke of Grantham, and other notes, partly relating to Grantham; 17th century. fols. 43-5v;-

(6) Treatise on the history of navigation including copies, fols. 50-61v, of two letters from Paulo Toscanelli of Florence (Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli) to Columbus, with a copy of Toscanelli's letter to Fernando Martinez, canon of Lisbon, 25 June 1474, describing his chart for a voyage to the Indies by the western route. With notes by Leonardo Ximenes (1717-86); the latter's Del Vecchio e nuovo Gnomone Fiorentino (1757), lxxxi-xcvii, included annotated texts of the Toscanelli letters. See also N. Sumien, La Correspondance du savant florentin Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli avec Christophe Colomb (1927). Reference at the end to Leopold I, Grand Duke of Tuscany (succeeded 1755). Italian. fols. 46-65;-

(7) Catalogue of books relating to English history and antiquities in the library of Henry Emmet, FSA (d. 1756), compiled by Andrew Ducarel, FSA, John Thorpe, junior, FSA (in whose hand it is), and Gustavus Brander, FSA. See Minute Book VII, 17 June 1756, p. 277, for the bequest of Henry Emmet, of Bexley, Kent. fols. 66-7;-

(8) Transcripts by John Thorpe, junior, of two deeds conc. the reservation and endowment by Hamo, Bp of Rochester, of a perpetual vicarage in Chalk, Kent, 1327. Latin. See E. Hasted, The History of Kent, III (1797 ed.), 467-9. fols. 68-81;-

(9) Drafts by John Thorpe, junior, of a letter signed 'Cantianus', April 1759 (published in the Gentleman's Magazine, 29 (1759), 267-9, with plate), with other notes relating to the discovery in May 1756 of ancient sculptures in the roof of a chapel on Wakefield bridge, Yorks. With a printed sheet, 'Wakefield Antique Statues', fol. 89, relating to the exhibition of the sculptures in Wakefield, 1757. See also the letter of Paul Gemsege (Samuel Pegge), reporting the discovery, in the Gent. Mag., 26 (1756), 559-60, with plate; Minute Book VII, 18 Nov. 1756, p. 285. fols. 83-97;-

(10) Account by John Thorpe, junior, of the appearance of locusts near Rochester. fols. 98-100;-

(11-12) Two letters of Thomas Harris to John Thorpe, junior, 4 Dec. 1761, n.d., relating to inscriptions on tombs, houses, etc., and draft reply for Thorpe, 12 Dec. 1761. fols. 102-6v;-

(13) Genealogical table from Edward III to the children of James I showing the connection of the Houses of York and Lancaster; early 17th century. fols. 108v-9;-

(14) Order of marshalling of Dukes, Marquesses, etc., riding before the Queen in public; c. 1600. fols. 110-11v.

See also MSS/0182.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
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MS 212
Archival history
Many items probably acquired as part of the Thorpe Bequest.