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Charles’s Roll

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Charles’s Roll
early 15th century?
Level of description
Extent and format
Vellum roll; 4 membranes. In a dark green box.
Scope and content
The earliest known manuscript of Charles' Roll, Version I; Many details, e.g. the elongated shields, bowed bends, suggest an earlier date, c. 1300, and the roll is retrospective in its inclusion of arms; however the hand of the identifications written over the arms includes mixed forms, some of which, e.g. dotted 'P', are not normally found until much later. There are errors in the transcription of names. Contains 486 coloured shields in 54 rows of 9. Probably imperfect at the beginning. Begins 'Counte de Salesburi; Le Counte de Mounford..'; ends 'R. trussebus'.
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