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Various biblical and liturgical fragments

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Various biblical and liturgical fragments
12th-17th century
Level of description
Extent and format
Vellum and (fols. 77, 78) paper; ff. iii + 79.
Large folio.
Half leather binding, olive green, with blue/purple cloth.
Scope and content
Miscellaneous fragments of bibles, service-books (some with plainchant notation, e.g. (11)-(14), (29), (36), (42)), commentaries, canon law, etc., collected by the donor. Latin, unless otherwise stated. As follows:-

(1) Gospels. Matt. x. 29-xiii. 57. Late 12th century, fols. 1-2v;-

(2) Theology. Half a leaf, from a treatise or commentary, with many patristic references. 14th century. fol. 3;-

(3) Missal. Part of the Proprium Sanctorum, Dec.-Jan. Initials in gold. Small grotesque, red, in line-filling. 14th century. fol. 4;-

(4) Poem on the Infancy of Christ. Anglo-Norman French. Late 13th-14th century. Fragment of a version of an Infancy Gospel bearing some relationship to the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew. In four-line stanzas. Cf. J. Vising, Anglo-Norman Language and Literature (1923), no. 80, and P. Meyer in Romania, 15 (1886), 336, but not the same as these sources. fol. 5;-

(5) Anglo-Saxon gospel, with gloss. John i. 1-8. 17th century copy, with English translation. fol. 5*;-

(6) Poem (14 lines) on St Erasmus, with prayers to him. 14th century. fol. 6;-

(7) ?Homily or sermon. One large leaf. 12th century. fol. 7;-

(8) Theology. One small fragment from a ?homily. 12th century. fol. 8;-

(9) Horae. Part of the office for the dead. One leaf. Illuminated border of flowers, peacock. Initial containing a shield of arms, with a scroll bearing the name 'Rossenau'. Early 16th century. fol. 9;-

(10) Devotions. Dutch. One leaf. One small gold initial, another cut out. Early 16th century. fol. 10;-

(11) Gradual. Non-consecutive bifolium, bound in reverse order, containing part of Sundays xx, xxi after Pentecost, and the end of mass for Ember-tide Saturday in September and Sunday xvi after Pentecost. 14th century. fols. 11-12v;-

(12) Missale plenum. Non-consecutive bifolium including parts of the masses for St George (23 April), St Mark (25 April) and St John the Baptist (24 June). 14th century, fols. 13-14v;-

(13) Gradual. Non-consecutive bifolium containing parts of Sunday ii after Pentecost and Sundays v, vi. Initials with leaf decoration, penwork flourishes, etc. 15th century, fols. 15-16v;-

(14) Sequentiary. Fragments of a sequentiary. Written in England. Late 13th century. For details see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 308. Used as a cover for ?account books conc. places in S. Norfolk. fols. 17-28;-

(15) Glossed gospels. Text and gloss on John iii. 30-iv. 5 (fol. 29r, v), and Luke xxii. 68- xxiii. 3 (fol. 30r, v). On fol. 31 gloss remains but text is cut away. 13th century. fols. 29-31v;-

(16) Theology. Commentary on Jonah. 13th century. Cf. the commentary by St Jerome, Migne, Patr. Lat., 25, cols. 1122-3. fols. 32-3v;-

(17) Letters. One complete letter (containing many references to Plato and classical authors), preceded by the end of another and followed by the opening of a third. 13th century. fols. 34-5v;-

(18) Glossed gospels. Text and gloss on Matt. vii. 3-13. 13th century. fol. 36;-

(19) Gospels. John xviii. 23-xix. 16. Reversed in binding. 13th century. fol. 37;-

(20) Glossed gospels. Luke i. 75-ii. 6; ii. 36-50. Order of leaves should be fols. 38, 40, lacuna, 41, 39. Many patristic and other authorities quoted in the glosses, e.g. Origen, Ambrose, Bede, Basil, Cyril. Initials in blue, with red penwork including animal and leaf motifs. Early 14th century. fols. 38-41v;-

(21) Glossed gospels. Apparently the same hand as item (20). Luke iii. 15-17; 31-8. Glosses from the same authorities as item (20) and from Augustine, Eusebius, etc. Early 14th century. fols. 42-3v;-

(22). Glossed Psalms. Psalms cxxxix. 9-20; cxxvii. 1-cxxix. 3. Bound in reversed order. 13th century. fols. 44-5v;-

(23) Canon law. 12th century. fols. 46-7v;-

(24) Canon law. 14th century. fols. 48-9v;-

(25) Canon law. Glossed text. 13th century. fols. 50-1v;-

(26) Canon law. Glossed text. 14th century. fol. 52;-

(27) Acta sanctorum. Fragments of the lives of SS. Alexis and Augustine. Two leaves, non-consecutive. 13th century. Later inscriptions, fol. 54v, including 'Ireland for harpe monies Anno 1557'. fols. 53-4v;-

(28) Canon law. 14th century. fol. 55;-

(29) Service-book. Part of the Requiem Mass. Initials, with penwork decoration including leaves and a grotesque. 15th century. fols. 56-7v;-

(30) Canon law. 13th century. fols. 58-9v;-

(31) Bible. Jeremiah, li. 8-47. Bound in reverse order. Late 12th century. In the margin, fol. 60v, the later name of Thomas Lawrence. fol. 60;-

(32) Glossed text conc. politics. Late 13th century. fols. 61-2v;-

(33) Missale plenum. Includes SS. Philip and James (1 May), Barnabas (11 June), Basil (14 June), Vitus (15 June). 14th century. Annotations, 1558, fols. 63, 64v (?conc. gifts of gold and silver), with the name 'Master Stanley'. fols. 63-4v;-

(34) Theology. Commentary on Luke xxiii. 40-xxiv. 25. 14th century. Annotations, 16th century, fol. 66v, conc. King's Lynn, 'Lynne/Liber Rci Le Strange'. fols. 65-6v;-

(35) Canon law. 14th century. fols. 67-8v;-

(36) Service-book. Ferial offices preceding the 2nd Sunday after the octave of Epiphany. Illuminated initial (poor condition), fol. 69v. Late 14th century. fols. 69-70v;-

(37) Psalter. Psalms ci. 7-cvii end. 15th century. Bound in the wrong order. fols. 71-2v;-

(38) Lectionary. Early 13th century. fols. 73-4v;-

(39) Lectionary. One large leaf. Pen decoration in blue and red, with touches of yellow. 15th century. Later annotation. fol. 75, 'The shere book anno 1558'. fol. 75;-

(40) Directory for services. 14th century. Later re-used as an outer cover. Inscription. fol. 76v, conc. the distribution of charities, 1630. fol. 76;-

(41) Printed fragment, probably from Les gestes romaines (A. Verard, Paris, 1508?). Paper. Two leaves, the first of printed text conc. Hannibal, Scipio, etc., including the heading 'Le Dixiesme livre Des gestes rommaines'. Second leaf blank except for offsets, fol. 78v, and later MS scribbles, fol. 78, including 'Thomas Nanfan His Book 1644(?)'. 16th century. fols. 77-8v;-

(42) Service-book. Part of the ferial offices for the octave of Pentecost. One large leaf. 15th century. Formerly part of the covers of MSS/0205. fol. 79.
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