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Lindsey psalter

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Lindsey psalter
before 1222, with additions, early 14th century
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Extent and format
Vellum; ff. v + 256. Gatherings mainly of ten leaves (collation by Peter Kidd on file in SAL). Large octavo. Medieval binding, white leather over wooden boards (possibly rebound, 14th century; see Wormald, ibid.). 'Psalterium Roberti de Lindeseye abbatis' (abbot of Peterborough, 1214-22), fol. iii. Cancelled signature of Smart Lethieullier, FSA (d. 1760), fol. iv; notes by him inserted before fols. iii, 25. Smart Lethieullier also owned Books of Hours including SAL/MSS/13, 19. Bookplate of the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, PSA, fol. i.
Scope and content
Psalter, preceded by a calendar, and followed by canticles, litany, etc. Contents (for further details see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 302-3, and references given below):- (1) Calendar (translation of St Thomas of Canterbury, 7 July (1220) added in a nearly contemporary hand; later additions include obits of abbots of Peterborough to Geoffrey of Crowland, d. 1321). fols. 26-31v, with related texts, fols. 25r, v, 32r. Addition to fol. 25, ?16th century. Two leaves of notes on the obits by Smart Lethieullier, FSA, inserted before fol. 25;- (2) Psalms, including Psalm 151. fols. 38v-206v (preceded by the prayer 'Suscipere dignare domine', fol. 32v, and illustrated pages, fols. 33-6, see below);- (3) Canticles and Athanasian Creed. fols. 207-21;- (4) Litany and collects. fols. 221-5v;- (5) Commendation of a soul. fols. 225v-9;- (6) Office of the Dead. fols. 229v-35v;- (7)-(10) added early 14th century:- (7) Metrical devotions mainly to the BVM. Listed in Ker, ibid. fols. 1-24v;- (8) Burial service of a monk. fols. 237-41;- (9) Hymns. fols. 241-51v;- (10) Monastic canticles. fols. 252-6. The metrical devotions at fols. 1-24v are also found in the Peterborough Psalter, Brussels, Royal Library, MS 9961-2 (Francis Wormald, PSA, in A.J., 49 (1969), 199-210). Similarities between the calendars, litanies, collects and canticles of a number of Peterborough manuscripts are noticed by L. F. Sandler in The Peterborough Psalter in Brussels and other Fenland Manuscripts (1974), 154-61. Framed tinted drawings in two registers:- Annunciation, Nativity, fol. 33r; Betrayal of Christ, Christ before Pilate, fol. 33v; Crucifixion, Holy Women at the Tomb, fol. 34r. Two full-page framed illuminations:- Crucifixion, fol. 35v; Christ in Majesty, fol. 36r. Full-page illuminated Beatus initial, fol. 38v; historiated initials to liturgical divisions of the Psalter, fols. 64v, 81, 96v, 97v, 113v, 132v, 169. Many smaller initials throughout. For further details see N. J. Morgan, Early Gothic Manuscripts, I (Oxford, 1982), no. 47, pls. 151, 156-9, fig. 7; J. Alexander, P. Binski, Age of Chivalry (1987), no. 254.
Lethieullier, Smart (1701-1760), antiquary
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