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Cottington and Meredith Papers

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Cottington and Meredith Papers
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ff. 141.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards.
Scope and content
Papers and correspondence, chiefly of Sir Francis Cottington (afterwards 1st Baron Cottington, 1631; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1629-42; Ambassador to Spain, 1616, etc.) and of his nephew, William Meredith (son of Sir William Meredith, 1st Bt., of Leeds Abbey), merchant in Spain, Aleppo, etc.; mostly 1622-31, 1649-59. As follows:-

(1) Copy of a certificate of Thomas Coventry, Attorney General, and Robert Heath, Solicitor General, to Jas. I relating to a petition conc. the parsonages of Bocton Aluph (Boughton Aluph), etc., Kent, 18 Oct. 1622. fols. 1-2v;-

(2) Edward Bagley, letters and statements to Sir Francis Cottington, etc., conc. the latter's rents, 1627, 1628, n.d. fols. 3-4v, 28-9, 136-7v;-

(3) Remembrances for the Lord Treasurer conc. the state of the navy, 15 Aug. 1629. fols. 5-6v;-

(4) John Williams, Bp of Lincoln, letter to Sir Francis Cottington wishing to regain royal favour, Buckden, 21 March 1630/ 1. fols. 7-8v;-

(5) Account of the most pressing work needed to preserve the navy, c. 1629. fols. 9-10v;-

(6) Abstract of a draft commission to inquire after exacted fees (conc. the collection of fees, distribution of moneys). fols. 11-14;-

(7) Copy of the King's instructions for the Great Wardrobe and Mr Grimsdich's exceptions (John Grymesdych, of the Wardrobe), c. 1631. fols. 15-16v;-

(8) Petition of Sir John Auchtmoutie, Master of the Wardrobe in Scotland, for payment of his pension. fol. 17;-

(9) Philip IV of Spain, letter of goodwill on Cottington's departure from Spain, 4 Oct. 1623. Signed. Spanish. fol. 18;-

(10) Newsletters from 'Johnstone', Madrid, 21 Nov. 1623, 28 Nov. 1622. fols. 19, 23-4v;-

(11) Caspar Guzmann, Conde de Olivarez, letter of goodwill to Cottington on his departure, ?6 Oct. 1623. Spanish, fol. 20;-

(12) Copy will of Elizabeth Baker of London, 13 July 1625. fols. 21-2v;-

(13) Captain Schippon (Skippon), account of goods, 1627, and receipted apothecary's bill to Joffrou Schippon. Dutch, fol. 25-6;-

(14) Receipts to John, 1st Baron Vaughan (1st Earl of Carbery, 1628; married (2) Jane (Palmer), widow of Sir William Meredith, father of the 1st Bt.), for rents relating to Bassingbourne rectory, 1628, 1629. fols. 27, 30, 55;-

(15) Receipt to Captain Philip Skippon, 1629. Dutch, fol. 30*;-

(16) Certificates of Receipt including details of payments, fees, annuities, with names of recipients, 1629-31 (not a complete series), together with a tailor's bill (fols. 51-2v), 1629. fols. 31-65v passim;-

(17) Thomas Chamberlayne, petition to Chas. I, asking for letters to the Tsar for a licence to export corn from Russia, endorsed (fol. 62v) with a note, dated at a court at Greenwich, 4 July 1631, and signed by Lord Dorchester (Dudley, 1st Viscount Dorchester), referring the matter to the Treasurer and Chancellor, fols. 62-3v;-

(18) Newsletter, headed Tuesday 30 Jan.- Tuesday ye (blank) Feb. 1648/9, giving an account of proceedings on 27 January, when the death sentence was pronounced on Charles I, and events up to his execution, 30 Jan. Imperfect at the end. fols. 66-9v;-

(19) Rev. Thomas Paramor of Leeds Abbey, letter of advice to William Meredith on his departure to 'a place remote', 19 Jan. 1649/50. fol. 70;-

(20) Correspondence, private and commercial, of William Meredith, 1651-58/9. fols. 71-122v, 126-8, 132-3v, with 124 (a later receipt to Lady Meredith, 1716);-

(21) A bill of exchange, signed by Sir Francis Cottington, 5 Feb. 1631. Spanish. fol. 123;-

(22) List of trees marked for the navy by John May, HM shipwright, c. 1630. fol. 125;- (23) George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, optimistic report to Sir Francis Cottington on the Spanish marriage prospects, Madrid, 8 July 1623. Signed. fol. 129;-

(24) Report on rents and sales of manors in the Honour of Pontefract, Yorks. fols. 130-1v;-

(25) Note on the management of Whittlewood Forest, fol. 134;-

(26) Itemised bill for work by the armourer (i.e. gunsmith), fol. 135;-

(27) Report to Sir Francis Cottington conc. the victualling of the navy, scarcity of corn. c. 1631. fols. 138-9v;-

(28) Receipted bill to Captain Skippon. Dutch, fol. 140;-

(29) Earl of Worcester (?Edward, 4th Earl of Worcester), petition to the king for a lease in reversion of the castle and lordship of Caldicot, Monm., held in farm. fol. 141.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
Cottington, Francis (1578-1652), 1st Baron Cottington, diplomat
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