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Middle English texts, including ‘Prick of Conscience’ and ‘Piers Plowman’

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Middle English texts, including ‘Prick of Conscience’ and ‘Piers Plowman’
mid-15th century
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Extent and format
pp. iv + 562 (some leaves foliated).
Leather binding (modern), light brown, gilt fillets. Modern pressmark 'I 6', fol. i. Scribbles on the original flyleaves, fols. iv, 1r, v, mostly 17th century. Title, 16th-17th century, on fol. 2, 'Prick of Conscience - the title of this booke as appeareth in ye ende of it'.
Scope and content
Miscellany including imperfect texts of the Prick of Conscience and Piers Plowman; Middle English, Latin. Contents (see Ker, MMBL (1969), I, 314):-

(1) Pater Noster, Ave and Creed. Followed by a Latin version of 'When Adam delved..', and other fragments. p. 3;-

(2) Prick of Conscience, ending imperfectly at line 9554. Text expanded by English and Latin additions. See R. Lewis, A. McIntosh, A Descriptive Guide to the Manuscripts of the Prick of Conscience (Oxford, 1982), 84-5. See also MSS/0288. pp. 5-358;-

(3) A form of confession beg. 'I be knowe to God..'. Also in Bodl. Lib. MS Douce 60. pp. 359-81;-

(4) Treatise on the seven deadly sins by Richard Lavenham. For other MSS see J. P. W. M. van Zutphen, ed., A Litil Tretys on the Seven Deadly Sins (Rome, 1956); A. I. Doyle, 'Publication by members of the religious orders' in J. Griffiths, D. Pearsall, Book Production and Publishing in Britain 1375-1475 (1989), 114-15, n. 24. pp. 383-411;-

(5) Tractatus de decem preceptis divercis in lingua materna. Another copy in BL Royal MS 17 A.xxvi, art. 1. pp. 412-30;-

(6) Visio et exhortacio sancti Edwardi Regis et confessoris et vocatur speculum sacerdotis. Many copies known, e.g. BL Royal MS 8 F.vii, art. 4. pp. 431-68. On pp. 468-70 drawings (leadpoint, ink) of decorative patterns and leaf and floral motifs;-

(7) An 'A' text of Piers Plowman, ending with passus xi. See G. Kane, Piers Plowman: the A version (1960), 11, 12, 49; collated as source M in the edition by A. V. C. Schmidt, Piers Plowman (1995). pp. 470-549;-

(8) Treatise on excommunication beg. 'Hyt is ordeyned..'. pp. 552-8.

At the end of the volume, in a later hand, 16th-17th century, legal notes and extracts headed 'Ex libro vetusto legum et consuetud: Angl: in archivis Domini de Heling' (Healing, Lincs.). pp. 559-62.
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Latin; Middle English