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Cologne. Two manuscripts relating to Cologne

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Cologne. Two manuscripts relating to Cologne
Late 15th century, 1616
Level of description
Extent and format
Physical condition: Vellum (item 1) and paper (item 2); ff. iii + 18 + 15. Quarto. The two manuscripts bound together, probably c. 1616. Vellum, with flap. Inscription on the flap: 'In hoc libro Professio soror. Ordinis S. Francissi continetur', with a faint inscription relating to the blessing of the font. Inside the front cover an annotation relating to St Martin's (Cologne), and a 19th century note 'Hans - Wa -'. Number '1463', front cover. Sale-catalogue cutting, with pencilled number 236, fol. i, and under flap. Armorial bookplates of C. I. and E. Knight, with motto 'factis non verbis', fol. ii, and under flap.
Scope and content
(1) Order of profession (fols. 2-14v) of the sisters of St Francis; late 15th century. Latin. Includes some plainsong in Hufnagelschrift (German neumes). Litany includes St Maximinus, Archbishop of Trier. Extra prayers, paper leaf tipped onto fol. 15. Possibly from a Franciscan convent in Cologne;- (2) 'Benedictio Fontis'. Blessing of a font (fols. 2-15v); Cologne, 28 March 1616 (fol. 2). According to a circular inscription on the titlepage (fol. 2) the MS was written in the time of Balthazar a Bree, Abbot of St Martin's, Cologne, by 'M. E.', a professed monk of St Martin's. Plainsong (Hufnagelschrift).
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