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Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence. Works by Antoninus and others

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Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence. Works by Antoninus and others
late 15th century
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Extent and format
ff. iii + 266.
Vellum binding (title on spine in a German hand). On back pastedown '6246'. Circular book stamp of Arthur Ashpitel, fol. ii verso.
Scope and content
Works by Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence, and others; late 15th century. Latin. Main contents:-

(1) Works by Antoninus including extracts from interrogations conc. sin (fols. 12v-22v); the Confessionale (fols. 56-160v, preceded by a table of chapters); the Tractatus de restitucione (fols. 178-89); the 'dubia' (fols. 216v-29v; cf. MSS/0334);-

(2) List of excommunications (fols. 1-7v, cf. MSS/0334, fols. 186v-91) with a copy of the bull of Eugenius IV excommunicating heretics, 28 Mar. 1437 (fols. 7v-9v), and miscellanea relating to excommunications (fols. 10-12);-

(3) Tract on absolution. fols. 36-43;-

(4) Ad religionis christiane discipline. fols. 43-50v;-

(5) On restitution and tithes (mostly as in MSS/0334). fols. 160v-77v, 190-3;-

(6) Angelus de Perusio, Tractatus de societatibus mercatorum. fols. 193-203v;-

(7) De ornatu mulierum. fols. 205-11;-

(8) De divino officio. fols. 211-16v;-

(9) Johannes de Capistrano, 'dubia'. fols. 232v-7v;-

(10) Johannes Andreae, Summula super rubrica de Sponsalibus. fols. 245-54;-

(11) Eugenius IV, Declarationes quarumdam casuum, 23 Nov. 1439. fols. 264v-6;-

(12) Extensions of abbreviations in the Summa Pisanella (i.e. the Summa de casibus of Bartolommeo da San Concordio). Italian, fol. 266r, v. Prayers, fol. iii.

For further details and bibliographic references see Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 311-12. See also MSS/0334.
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