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Miscellany for Cistercian use

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Miscellany for Cistercian use
15th century
Level of description
Extent and format
Vellum; ff. 59.
Bound out of order (gatherings f, g at the front). Leather binding, brown, modern. Former covers, leather, brown, and linen wrapper, retained. Leaf shapes, fol. 19, and on the original front cover.
Scope and content
Miscellany for Cistercian use. Written in England. Items 7 and 8 (added) relate to Robertsbridge Abbey.

Contents (based on Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 296-7):-

(1) Tables (indexes) relating to canon law:- (a) 'de novellis', imperfect, beg. with E. fols. 1-10v; (b) 'Tabulam super antiquarum distinctionum libello subscriptam..' (from a book written down in 1316), part of the index for Abbas. fols. 10v-12v;-

(2) 'Forma ad visitacionis Officium exercendum'. Forms dated in 1399 (fols. 17, 22v). fols. 15-33v;-

(3) Form of election of an abbot, and notarial certification by Richard Marleburgh, clerk, that William, abbot of St Mary of Graces, London, was duly elected, 10 Sept. 1400. fols. 33v-5;-

(4) 'Cum ad prelatum contra subditum validus clamor ascendit'. A reply to accusations. cf. BL, Royal MS 8 A. xviii, art. 10. fols. 36-43;-

(5) 'De accusacione plene. Accusator qui crimen probare intendit..'. fols. 43-5;-

(6) 'In ista compilacione de officio iudicis circa inquisiciones'. cf. BL, Royal MS 8 A.xviii, art. 7. fols. 45-57v;-

(7) Notice by John, abbot of Boxley Abbey, Kent, that he and the abbot of St Mary of Graces carried out a visitation of the abbey of Robertsbridge after the death of abbot William Breckynden and the appointment of a new abbot, 5 Sept. 1523. fols. 58v-9;-

(8) Two lists of monks of Robertsbridge, the earlier, when John Morcok was prior, the later, 16th century. fol. 59v.

Catchwords and signatures throughout. Pen drawings of heads. fols. 1, 36.
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Archival history
Trivial marginal notes:- 12 Dec. 1736, fol. 1; 'Found in a Tub', 18th century, fol. 51v.