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State Papers. Transcripts of political and legal papers

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State Papers. Transcripts of political and legal papers
17th century
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Extent and format
ff. ii + 53 (leaves missing before fols. 27, 46).
Vellum binding. 'E Libris J. Humberstone MCCCCCCC', inside the front cover, fol. i.
Scope and content

(1) Charges to grand juries from Judge Doddridge (Sir John Doderidge), 18, 22 Jas. I, and to the Oxford assizes, 2 Chas. I (fols. 1-2v, 4v-10, 51v-3v), and Sir Edward Coke's charge to the Lincoln assizes, n.d. (fols. 10-16v);-

(2) Resignations:- Francis (Bacon), 1st Viscount St Alban, as Lord Chancellor, 1621 (fols. 2v-4v); Lord Ellesmere as Lord Chancellor, 8 Feb. 1616/17 (fols. 23v-4); M. du Vair (Guillaume Du Vair, garde des sceaux to Louis XIII), 1616 (fols. 46-8v); Sir Thomas Lake, the elder, as Secretary of State, 1620 (fols. 48v-9v);-

(3) Letters:- Anthony Babbington to Queen Elizabeth, 19 Sept. 1586 (fol. 17v); Roger Ascham (d. 1568), to his brother (extract, fol. 22v); an unsuccessful candidate for Eye, Suffolk, to James I, giving details of a proposed speech anti-Papists and Scots, 1614 (fols. 24v-6v, lacks end); F. Norris to James I conc. an assault by Lord Willoughby (Francis, 2nd Baron Norris; see CSPD Jas. I 1611-1618, 306, 308, for this affray in which a servant of Lord Willoughby was killed, 10 Sept. 1615) (fol. 27r, v); Sir Walter Raleigh to James I, 1603 (fols. 31v-2, 35-6) and to his wife, 1603, 1617 (fols. 32-3v, 45r, v imperfect). See Remains (1702), 166-8, 185-7, 191-6; Louis XIII to the Parliament at Rouen, conc. the plot by the Maréchal D'Ancre, 1617 (fols. 33v-5); Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Ruthven (d. 1566), to the Earl of Northumberland complaining of infamous verses (fols. 36-7); (Sir) John Holles to William (Cecil), Lord Burghley, as Lord Treasurer, objecting to aspersions on his ancestry (fols. 37v-9); end of a letter from Edmund Anderson (?Sir Edmund Anderson, Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas; d. 1605) (fol. 46); 'M. N' to the King of Denmark's secretary conc. a wrong done to him by a woman (fols. 49v-50);-

(4) Petitions:- Francis Phillips to James I on behalf of his brother, Sir Robert Phillips, in the Tower (not Sir Thomas as in the heading; cf. CSPD Jas. I 1619-23, 374-5), 12 Apr. 1622 (fols. 18-22); House of Commons to James I asking to be informed of the true constitutions of their house (1614) (fol. 23r, v); Carew Raleigh (b. 1605) to James I conc. his father's Sherborne estates (fol. 50r, v; see Raleigh, Works, I (1829), 402n);-

(5) Miscellaneous papers:- Reasons inducing James I to make Lady Compton Countess of Buckingham, August 1618 (fol. 17). Lady Compton, mother of the Duke of Buckingham, was created Countess of Buckingham, 1 July 1618; apology of Sir Gervase Elwes, Lieutenant of the Tower, conc. the death of Sir Thomas Overbury, 1613 (fols. 27v-31); speech of James I to the Parliament at Edinburgh, 17 June 1617 (fols. 39-45).
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