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MSS/0650/001 - Grant by Peter FitzRoger [View Details]
MSS/0650/002 - Inquisition regarding a hospice in Vintry Lane [View Details]
MSS/0650/003 - Lease of Cage House [View Details]
MSS/0650/004 - Lease by Edward Leigh to Elizabeth Hawkins [View Details]
MSS/0650/004-006 - Leases of houses, etc. in Beare Alley, Chancery Lane, St Dunstan in the West [View Details]
MSS/0650/005 - Lease by Edward Leigh to Susan Walter [View Details]
MSS/0650/006 - Lease by Edward Hawkins to Peter Farrington [View Details]
MSS/0650/007 - Release by William Holt to John Holt [View Details]
MSS/0650/007-009 - London Deeds. St Mary at Axe [View Details]
MSS/0650/008 - Release by Walter Strickland and Roger Mervyn to Edward Bacon [View Details]
MSS/0650/009 - Fine between Edward Bacon and Francis and Ursula Walsingham [View Details]
MSS/0650/010 - Sale by Thomas Sarys, haberdasher, to Thomas Walker, [View Details]
MSS/0650/010-035 - London Deeds. Various City parishes [View Details]
MSS/0650/011 - Sale by Barnard Jennyn, Richard Bewe to Thomas Reade [View Details]
MSS/0650/012 - Deposition by Robert Maddye relating to a lease of shops [View Details]
MSS/0650/013 - Lease by Sir John Spencer to John Burgoyne [View Details]
MSS/0650/014 - Sale by James Beard to Richard Atkyns [View Details]
MSS/0650/015 - Lease by John Cornwaleys to John Andrewe [View Details]
MSS/0650/016 - Sale by Sir William Chester to George and John Barne [View Details]
MSS/0650/017 - Sale by John Whithed to John Swytzer [View Details]
MSS/0650/018 - Lease by Thomas Drante to Andrew Sarre [View Details]
MSS/0650/019 - Lease by John Eccles to John Palmer and Hugh Prynce [View Details]
MSS/0650/020 - Sale by Ellys Jones to Robert Naylor [View Details]
MSS/0650/021 - Assignment by John Gwilliam to John Edwardes [View Details]
MSS/0650/022 - Lease by John and Margaret Howe to William Walshe [View Details]
MSS/0650/023 - Grant by Sir John Seint Leger to John Nashe [View Details]
MSS/0650/024 - Mortgage by Sir Henry Carew and Thomas Carew to John Hide [View Details]
MSS/0650/025 - Demise by Thomas Hoo and Philip Malpas to John Worsop [View Details]
MSS/0650/026 - Agreement by Nicholas Kaye [View Details]
MSS/0650/027 - Sale by Thomas Horsman to Joan Shipry [View Details]
MSS/0650/028 - Sale by Thomas Offley to Henry Offley [View Details]
MSS/0650/029 - Sale by John Decons to John Gyles [View Details]
MSS/0650/030 - Lease by Francis Johnson to Arthur Cutler [View Details]
MSS/0650/031 - Sale by Valentine Dale to Roger James [View Details]
MSS/0650/032 - Release by John Gore to John West [View Details]
MSS/0650/033 - Lease by Thomas Castell to James Arme [View Details]
MSS/0650/034 - Sale by Mary Nevell (Evans), Robert Oldam and Frances Oldam to Barnard Fabyan [View Details]
MSS/0650/035 - Sale by Robert and Johane Tymperley to John Tate [View Details]
MSS/0650/036 - Demise by Everard Digby of Long Stratton, Norf., to John Basebrowne of Westminster, of two [View Details]
MSS/0650/036-037 - London Deeds. St Martin in the Fields [View Details]
MSS/0650/037 - Release by Robert Beste of Westminster to John Basebrown of the same two houses. Signature [View Details]
MSS/0650/038 - Admission of Richard Lane to lands and tenements of his deceased brother Adam [View Details]
MSS/0650/038-042 - London Deeds. Manor of Stepney. Mainly copies or extracts from court rolls [View Details]
MSS/0650/039 - Grant by Richard Lane to Richard and Agnes Donner [View Details]
MSS/0650/040 - Admission of William Donner to cottages and garden [View Details]
MSS/0650/041 - Admission of Katherine Denton and Agnes Tournour to a cottage [View Details]
MSS/0650/042 - Sale by Thomas Cachemayde to John Bramston [View Details]
MSS/0650/043 - Assignment of lease by Anne Barnesby to George Norfolk [View Details]
MSS/0650/044 - Fine between Thomas Dixon and William and Elizabeth Kyrton [View Details]
MSS/0650/044-045 - London Deeds. Southwark, Surrey [View Details]
MSS/0650/045 - Release by John Swyngfyld and Richard Norton to Robert Lyvers [View Details]