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Physics. Extracts from works by Descartes and Aristotle

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Physics. Extracts from works by Descartes and Aristotle
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Paper; ff. iv + 47. Vellum (made from a property deed). On the front cover 'A1'; on the back cover 'numbr: 12'.
Scope and content
Extracts from works by Descartes and Aristotle, c. 1678. Transcribed by Peter Le Neve, FSA (Norroy, 1704) when at Trinity College, Cambridge (cf. fols. iv, 25v). The extracts are arranged in two groups:- (1) 'De Rebus Physicis secundum Cartesium' (fol. iv verso), consisting of extracts fom the De Homine, with an index (fols. 1-14v), and the Principia Philosophiae of Descartes (fols. 15-25v);- (2) 'De Rebus Physicis secundum Aristotelem' (fol. 26v), consisting of extracts from the Physics of Aristotle, with an index (fols. 27-47v). Includes Cartesian views (e.g. fol. 31v, 'Cartesii sententia de motu & Tempore').
Neve, Peter Le (1661-1729), herald and antiquary
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Archival history
Ownership notes of Peter Le Neve, FSA ('Trin: Coll: Cant: 1678'), fol. iv. 'Lib: M:' 'R. Hitch', fol. iv; 'Lib. M' 'Ex Adriani Herebrood Physicis', fol. 26, followed by miscellaneous notes, e.g. 'Nihil fit ex nihilo'. Later owned by Alexander Bruce (signatures, fols. i, iv, iv verso). 'No. 1832', fol. iii.