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ACH - Heraldry. Achievements of arms [View Details]
ACI - Aleppo Cemetery Inscriptions [View Details]
ALL - Earthworks. 'Earthwork of England' by A Hadrian Allcroft [View Details]
AUT - Autographs [View Details]
BCR - Rome. Material on Corpus Basilicarum Cristianarum Romae [View Details]
BEL - Royal interments. Papers of D C Bell, FSA [View Details]
BIR - W H Bird. Genealogical notes [View Details]
BUK - Heraldry. Material supplementary to Burke's General Armory [View Details]
BUL - Ipsi Sibi. Novel by Constance Bullock, FSA [View Details]
CAP - William Capon. Sixteen watercolours of Westminster [View Details]
CAT - Gertrude Caton-Thompson collection on beads [View Details]
CAU - Limoges enamel. Study by S Caudron [View Details]
CDM - Castel del Monte. Drawings [View Details]
CHE - Regalia of Queen Elizabeth. Study by D H B Chesshyre [View Details]
CLI - G Clinch. Archaeological notebook of George Clinch [View Details]
CLP - Clarendon Place. Documents relating to excavation [View Details]
CLY - Yorkshire heraldry. Blazons of arms of Yorkshire families [View Details]
CRA - Crawford Papers. Papers relating to Bronze Age finds [View Details]
CRO - Thomas Crofton Croker. Diary [View Details]
CUR - Curwen Notebooks [View Details]
DAL - Edward Dalton. Scrapbook on fonts [View Details]
DAV - Egypt. 'A Description & Classification of Egyptian Deities ...', by John Davidson, FRS, FSA [View Details]
DOU - Seals. Catalogue of casts [View Details]
EBA - Ritual in Early Bronze Age Grave Goods research project [View Details]
EEL - Consecration crosses. Papers of F C Eeles [View Details]
ELH - Heraldry. 'The Lesser Ensigns of the Royal Families of England' by H L Elliot [View Details]
ELL - Roman remains. 'Roman Remains in NW Kent' by Frank Charles Elliston-Erwood, FSA [View Details]
FIE - Monumental brasses. Papers of the Rev. Henry Eardley Field [View Details]
FOS - Grants of arms. Lists compiled by Joseph Foster [View Details]
FRA - Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks. Drawings of glass quarrel-panes [View Details]
FRC - Constantinople. List of churches etc. [View Details]
FRE - Christianity. 'Christianity in the Nile Valley' by Prof. W H C Frend, FBA, FSA [View Details]
GAR - Arthur Gardner. English Medieval Sculpture [View Details]
GOH - Heraldry. Heraldic notebook of Henry Gough [View Details]
GOS - Yorkshire families. 'A Yorkshire Armorial' by Thomas Stockton Gowland [View Details]
GOT - Armorial glass. Illustrations in Origines Juridiciales [View Details]
GOU - Medals. Catalogue of R W Goulding’s collection [View Details]
GRA - Malta. Research on pre-historic cart tracks by Henry Stewart Gracie [View Details]
GRL - Prehistoric monuments. Typescript by Leslie Grinsell, FSA [View Details]
GUR - Hudson Gurney. Travel journal and verse translations [View Details]
HAL - Hall Collection. Papers relating to Babylonian and Judaic chronology [View Details]
HAM - J R C Hamilton. Notes relating to the history of horses [View Details]
HAS - Charles Hamilton Smith collection of monumental effigies [View Details]
HEA - Church notes. Notebooks of Alfred Heales, FSA [View Details]
HOA - Roman roads, Wiltshire. Account of travel and excavations [View Details]
HUT - Sidmouth. Report on the manorial records [View Details]
KEM - John Mitchell Kemble. Notes and papers relating to excavations in Germany [View Details]
KIH - Hatton book of seals. Description by Hugh Sadler Kingsford [View Details]
LAR - Rome. Transcripts of epitaphs and descriptions of monuments [View Details]
LAW - Military effigies. Papers of the Rev. Henry Lawrance [View Details]
LEL - Memoirs of Lesley Lewis [View Details]
LEW - Thomas Lewin. Scrapbook [View Details]
LGM - Le Grand Menhir. Papers relating to study of the Grand Menhir [View Details]
LIT - The Golden Rose. Research by R H Little [View Details]
LOB - Barak Longmate. 'A Collection of Monumental Inscriptions …’ by Barak Longmate [View Details]
LOY - Lavenham, Suffolk. Details of stained glass shields [View Details]
MAD - Sir Frederic Madden. Notes and drawings [View Details]
MAS - Donald Mackreth collection [View Details]
MEW - James Mew. Manuscripts [View Details]
MIT - Mitford Family. Family history and genealogy [View Details]
MOO - Knights of Edward I [View Details]
MOT - Roman Britain. Papers of Thomas Morgan [View Details]
NES - Architecture. Notebook of Alexander Nesbitt, FSA [View Details]
PAC - China. Pocket book of J H Packer [View Details]
PAR - Northern gentry. Collections of arms [View Details]
PER - Castles. Papers of J C Perks, MC, FSA [View Details]
PIE - Architectural drawings. 'Architectural Drawings in the Library of the S. A.’ by S R Pierce [View Details]
PRI - Price Papers [View Details]
PUB - Right of public meeting. Debate speech [View Details]
RAC - Royal Academy. Signatures of members [copy] [View Details]
RAM - Crawford Tait Ramage papers [View Details]
RIW - Monumental effigies. List compiled by William Henry Richardson, FSA [View Details]
ROL - Heraldry. Rolls of arms and related notes [View Details]
ROS - Rosetta Stone. Collections on the Greek inscription on the Rosetta stone [View Details]
ROY - General Roy. 'The Military Antiquities of the Romans in North Britain' by William Roy [View Details]
RYL - Masons marks. Scrapbook [View Details]
SAR - Brass rubbings. 'A Catalogue of Brass Rubbings belonging to Arthur and Raphael Salaman' [View Details]
SAV - The Savoy [View Details]
SEI - Charles Seidler. Scrapbook on metalwork [View Details]
SHA - Rickmansworth. Inscriptions in Rickmansworth Church [View Details]
SHE - Isle of Wight. Collections by G A Sherwin, FSA [View Details]
SMW - St Margaret's, Westminster. Transcripts from the muniments [View Details]
STR - Joseph Strutt. Drawings and tracings [View Details]
STS - George Steinman Steinman. Letters addressed to Steinman [View Details]
STU - Westminster Abbey. “The Ladies of Westminster Abbey” by H V Stuart [View Details]
TEB - C F Tebbutt. Correspondence [View Details]
THA - A Hamilton Thompson. Letters to Charles Travis Clay [View Details]
TUC - Heraldry. Indexes to printed armories [View Details]
TUS - Stogursey. 'Discoveries in a Somerset Church' by the Rev. Basil Roberts Tucker [View Details]
VAL - Bridges. Collections of W H A Vallance, FSA [View Details]
VAS - French art. Essay by J J de Vasselot [View Details]
VER - Etruscan antiquities. ‘Descrizione del Sepolcro dei Volunni…’ [View Details]
VUL - Globe clock. Description by Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy [View Details]
WAD - Genealogy of Ibelin. Study by W A P Waddington [View Details]
WAJ - Churchill Manor. 'Churchill Manor and Court Somerset 1231-1952' by J W Walker [View Details]
WEA - Westminster Abbey. Copies of calendar entries for deeds [View Details]
WIE - Early History of Britain. Paper by Jonathan Williams [View Details]
WIJ - Monumental brasses. Notebooks of the Rev. J F Williams [View Details]
WIK - Norwich cathedral. 'An Account of the Cathedral Church of Norwich …’ by William Wilkins [View Details]
WIP - Lleyn Peninsula. ‘History and plans…’ [View Details]
WIT - Heraldry. Tracings of arms [View Details]
WLL - Church notes. Notebooks of J G and L B Waller [View Details]
WOK - Wiltshire. Papers of Kenneth Woodbridge [View Details]
WRI - Heraldry. Papers of Cyril Ernest Wright [View Details]