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‘A Catalogue of the Nobility of England …’

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‘A Catalogue of the Nobility of England …’
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ff. ii + 100.
Leather binding, brown, with blind-stamped centrepiece.
Scope and content
'A Catalogue of the Nobility of England and a Collection aswell of his Maties Courtes of Record, as of his highnes most honorable houshold.. collected in.. (title, fol. 4). A list, fols. 8-55v, of the establishment of James I (preceded by a list of the nobility, fols. 5-7), giving numbers of posts and fees in the various divisions, e.g. the Exchequer, Duchy of Lancaster, Chancery, Admiralty, Ordnance, Great Wardrobe, Royal Household, Castles, etc., citing names of senior officers. The list of nobility gives names of Earls and Barons created before the accession of James I separately. The establishment lists have many similarities to those in the slightly earlier MSS/0045, and to BL Add. MS 38125 (cf. comment by A. Ashbee, Records of English Court Music, IV (1991), 29, 30, relating to the music establishment).

Followed by other items relating to the reign of James I:-

(1) 'Series patefacti nuper parricidi', an account of the Gunpowder Plot, ending with a poem beg. 'O scelus, o veterum proles vesana gigantum'. Latin. fols. 58-62v;-

(2) 'The proper power of Courtes'. A list of the seventeen courts, from Parliament to Courts Baron, stating their duties. fol. 64;-

(3) Proxy of William Paulet, 4th Marquess of Winchester, for the Parliament of 16 Jan. 1620/1, 12 Dec. 1620. Latin. fol. 64v. The beginning and reverse end of the volume (fols. 1v-3, 100v-73 rev.) were used for accounts, 1626-40, by Keilway Guidott (brother of William Guidott, who was admitted to Lincoln's Inn, 1633) noting legal expenses and many loans made by him to persons including the Lady Joscelyn, Sir Thomas Jervoise, Dr Gifford, and his brother William (his written acknowledgments, 1631-2, fols. 86v, 87v, give the address 'of Herryard', Hants.).
James I (1566-1625), King of Great Britain and Ireland
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Archival history
Given to Keilway Guidott by his wife Sara, inscription fol. 1. Owned by George Russell, 17th century, fol. 1. Bookplate, fol. i, of Thomas Morell, DD, FRS, FSA (1703-84); see also MSS/0034, 41, 46, 55.