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Early 14th century, with later additions (temp. Edw. II and Rich. II)
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Extent and format
Vellum; ff. v + 92.
Now disbound and imperfect. Fragments of flyleaves, fols. ii, iii, and of later vellum covers, fols. i, iv, v (from Chancery proceedings, King's Bench, c. Nov. 1627). Now preserved in a slipcase (black spine, with brown grained paper). Inscription, ?15th century, 'Q ... scripsit scripta ...', fol. iii verso. Former pressmark 'F. 2. 48(?)', fol. 92v. Marginal annotations identifying statutes, 17th century. Later annotations include '243', fol. ii.
Scope and content
Collection of statutes from Magna Carta (1225 reissue) to 31 Edw. I, with later additions; early 14th century, with additions temp. Edw. II and Rich. II. Latin and French. Tables of capitula of Magna Carta, fols. 1-4v, and contents list, fol. 5, from Magna Carta to the statute De Nova Custuma Mercatorum, 1 Feb. 31 Edw. I (1303). Main contents, fols. 6-77, as in the contents list but Magna Carta begins imperfectly at the end of cap. 4, and the statute De Conspiratoribus is not entered on fol. 73v. Additions:- Temp. Edw. II, the Modus Faciendi Homagium (Statutes of the Realm, I (1810), 227-8), Judicium Pillorie (ibid., I, 201-2) and Articuli Cleri (ibid., I, 171-4), fols. 77-81v; detached fragments, temp. Rich. II, statutes of 1 and 2 Rich. II (1378) (ibid., II, 1-11) and mandate of Rich. II to the province of Canterbury conc. subsidies, fols. 82-8; statutes of Edw. I, De Bigamis, 1276 (ibid., I, 42-3), De Conjunctim Ffeoffatis, 1306 (ibid., I, 145-7), Quo Warranto, 1290 (ibid., I, 107), Statute of Exeter, 1286, imperfect at the end (ibid., I, 210-12), fols. 88v-91; last extant leaf, Visus Franciplegii (ibid., I, 246-7), fol. 92. For other collections see J. H. Baker, J. S. Ringrose, A Catalogue of English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library (1996), passim. Three illuminated initials in poor condition:- Youth, hind and hounds, fol. 9v; foliate decoration on gold background, fol. 34v; foliate decoration, grotesque heads, and partial border, fol. 39. Rubrication and penwork initials in main contents to fol. 73v. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 314, relates the present MS to Westminster Abbey MS 35 and others of the same group.
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