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Manuscripts in the Society of Antiquaries of London

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Manuscripts in the Society of Antiquaries of London
10th century - 20th century
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The manuscript collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London reflect the interests of the Fellows of the Society from its foundation in 1717 to the present day. The Lindsey Psalter and Winton Domesday are the best known manuscripts, but there is a wide range of material in many languages, dating from the late tenth to the twentieth century, and including a number of fine illuminated manuscripts. The collections relate mainly to antiquities, history and law, theology and liturgy, heraldry and literature and contain many antiquarian curiosities, and there are early archaeological reports as well as recent surveys. Other illustrated records relate to antiquities, architecture and topography. The Society's manuscript collections range from the tenth to the twentieth century. They are mostly in Latin, English, including Middle English, French, German and Italian. There are some manuscripts in Greek, Church Slavonic, other Slavonic languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh, Dutch and Flemish, and Norwegian. There are two Ethiopic manuscripts, a number, mostly Korans, in Arabic, and a few in Chinese, Bengali and Hindi. Major treasures are noted above and there is a wealth of antiquarian material which deserves further attention.

Note: The manuscripts catalogue that this online version is largely based on was compiled by Pamela J. Willetts FSA.
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