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WAT/001-004 - English pedigrees (a few foreign) [View Details]
WAT/005 - Notes on Venice, particularly Doges and their families. [View Details]
WAT/006 - Diary [View Details]
WAT/007-010 - Foreign pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/011 - English pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/012 - Northern English and Scottish pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/013-016 - English pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/017 - Scottish pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/018 - Italian arms [View Details]
WAT/019-020 - Blazons of arms of Knights of Malta [View Details]
WAT/021 - Pedigrees of Baldwins, de Montforts, Flemings, etc. [View Details]
WAT/022-023 - Notes on Le P. M. de Goussancourt [View Details]
WAT/024 - Notes from topographical sources [View Details]
WAT/025 - Notes on biblical geography, with pencil sketches of the Middle East. [View Details]
WAT/026 - 'A Descent from Knights of the Order of the Garter' [View Details]
WAT/027 - Notes and pedigrees arranged by counties. [View Details]
WAT/028 - Notes on the Templars and the Order of St John of Jerusalem [View Details]
WAT/029 - Arms of the Knights of Malta, mostly coloured [View Details]
WAT/030 - Pedigrees of families of Knights of Malta [View Details]
WAT/031 - Indexes and contents lists to some of Watts's collections [View Details]
WAT/032 - Notes and pedigrees [View Details]
WAT/033 - Lists of families arranged by counties [View Details]
WAT/034 - 'Rotulum ffratrum Militum Hospitalis Sci Johis Jerlm in Anglia' [View Details]
WAT/035 - Notes on Italian grammar [View Details]
WAT/036 - Notes and extracts on the Knights of Malta etc. [View Details]
WAT/037 - Material relating mostly to the Knights of Malta [View Details]