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WIL/01, 02, 01&02 - 'Lincolnshire or Original Delineations' and 'The Beauties of England and Wales' [View Details]
WIL/01-20 - Volumes [View Details]
WIL/03 - 'Local Notes by Parishes & Wapentakes' [View Details]
WIL/04 - 'Miscellanea. Portrait & Memoir of Mr. Willson - curiosities, glass, embroidery - Burial of Queen Alianor. Local notes in several parishes' [View Details]
WIL/05 - 'City of Lincoln. Parishes - Demolished Churches - Roads - Streets Discoveries - Recollections' [View Details]
WIL/06 - 'City of Lincoln. Roman, Medieval, Modern...' [View Details]
WIL/07 - 'Lincoln. The 'Close'. The 'Bail'' [View Details]
WIL/08 - 'Lincoln'. 'Notes on Cathedral Registry, dignities, duties,... the Choir... Chantries, Library... Tombs...' [View Details]
WIL/09 - 'Notes for Memoirs of Bishops' [View Details]
WIL/11 - 'Marrat's Linconshire. The Author's Collections for continuing the work but remaining unprinted at his death'. 'Vol. I'. [View Details]
WIL/12 - 'Marrat's Lincolnshire. Vol: IInd'. [View Details]
WIL/13 - 'Bells - Coins - Tokens - with drawings Recollections' [View Details]
WIL/14 - 'Buckden and Liddington Palaces, Stow Ch(urch)..' [View Details]
WIL/15 - 'Hospitals' [View Details]
WIL/16 - Transcripts relating to Lincoln Cathedral [View Details]
WIL/17 - Collections for the history of the City of Lincoln by Thomas Sympson [View Details]
WIL/18 - Lives of the Bishops of Lincoln (Remigius to Hugh of Wells) by Samuel Pegge, senior [View Details]
WIL/20 - Letters of Browne Willis on antiquarian matters [View Details]
WIL/A - Lincoln Cathedral [View Details]
WIL/B - Plans and drawings [View Details]
WIL/C - 'Sculptures in Lincoln Minster' [View Details]
WIL/D - 'Drawings of Various Antiquities, and objects of Art, Roman, Medieval, etc. also of Stained-glass in the Minster and certain Parish-churches' [View Details]
WIL/E - Drawings of Lincoln Cathedral [View Details]
WIL/F - 'Tombs of the Burghersh, and Cantelupe Families' [View Details]
WIL/G - 'Lincoln Castle. Surveys plans, drawings, Notes... down to recent times - The Gaol - precints'. [View Details]
WIL/H - Plans and drawings of the Bishop's Palace and Lincoln Cathedral [View Details]
WIL/I - Engraved views of Lincolnshire by B Howlett [View Details]
WIL/J - 'Engravings II' [View Details]
WIL/K - 'Various Maps and Plans in the County and City, followed by local broadsides and notices' [View Details]
WIL/L - 'Some of Wm. Fowler's works - Varia - Impressions of Brasses' [View Details]
WIL/M - Engravings of various churches and houses [View Details]
WIL/N - 'Plan of Lincoln Cathedral' by Willson [View Details]