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LOV/001 - Notebooks [View Details]
LOV/002 - Sketchbooks [View Details]
LOV/003 - Miscellaneous notebooks [View Details]
LOV/004 - Material relating to Neath Abbey [View Details]
LOV/005 - Paper on St David's cathedral [View Details]
LOV/006 - Paper on Chester cathedral [View Details]
LOV/007 - Draft article on Carolingian architecture [View Details]
LOV/008 - Material on Welsh churches [View Details]
LOV/009 - Material on Somerset and Gloucestershire [View Details]
LOV/010 - Correspondence [View Details]
LOV/011 - Excavation Committees [View Details]
LOV/012 - Paper by Helen Donovan [View Details]
LOV/013 - Material on Southwell Minster [View Details]