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Heraldic scrapbook

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Heraldic scrapbook
18th century
Level of description
Extent and format
ff. iv + 37.
Cloth binding, green. Original covers, embossed Italian paper, green, fols. ii, iii.
Scope and content
A collection partly relating to Scotland with miscellaneous additions; mostly 18th century. Main contents:-

(1) Engraved arms cut mainly from one published collection relating to Scottish families. fols. 2-14;-

(2) Account of the families of MacDonald of Glengary, Struan Robertson, and Maclean of that Ilk. In the hand of the genealogist, Walter McFarlane of McFarlane (note, fol. ii). fols. 16-19;-

(3) Miscellaneous arms, mainly foreign including Flemish, mostly coloured, with a few photographs and engravings, mostly 18th century. Latin verses, fol. 31. fols. 20-32;-

(4) Satirical fictitious arms, purportedly granted to the 'H(ea)ds of the U(niversit)y of C(ambridg)e since their late Edict against Dinners'. Published 14 Feb. 1786. fol. 33;-

(5) Facsimile leaf from a 13th century French MS (text refers to 'li rois loys'), with 19th century illumination on the recto. fol. 34;-

(6) Caricature, engraved, of Basil Feilding, 6th Earl of Denbigh, with Habsburg eagle (referring to the Feilding claim to Habsburg descent) and Latin text beg. 'Monstrum, Horrendum..'. 'Publishd 27th May 1780'. See M. D. George, Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires, V (1935), no. 5763. fol. 35;-

(7) Wash drawing of a jester on a plaque or plate. fol. 36;-

(8) Six small engravings from an emblem book, French, temp. Louis XIV. fol. 37;-

(9) Two small portraits (ink and wash), and a small printed impression of a caricature head. fol. 37v.
Macfarlan, Walter (d 1767), Scottish antiquary
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Archival history
According to a note, fol. ii, by Gilbert Innes, 11 July 1801, the account of Scottish families at fols. 16-19 was found among MSS of Alexander Brown, late Keeper of the Advocates' Library.