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Zurich. Arms of officials and of the twelve trade guilds

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Zurich. Arms of officials and of the twelve trade guilds
mainly 1606-1608
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ff. vi + 242. Folio. Vellum binding, one vellum tie remains. Armorial bookplate of Beat. Rodolf Lovw and Susanna Aescher, his wife, 1655, fol. i. Arms of the Aescher family, engraved impression, fol. iii.
Scope and content
Arms of officials of Zurich and of the twelve trade guilds, followed by a history of the Aescher family of Zurich, etc.; mainly 1606-8. Swiss German. Contents list, fols. iv-vi verso. As follows:-

(1) 'Ordnung der Constaffell und der Zwolf Zunfften der Statt Zurich'. Shows which classes or trades served in the administrative body (Constaffell) and the twelve guilds. fols. 1-3;-

(2) 'Ruden und Constaffell 1606'. Gives names and arms of members of the administrative body followed by those of officials of the twelve guilds in 1606. Cut-out engravings of arms laid down at the foot of pages. fols. 5-89;-

(3) 'Von dem Geschlacht der Aschern'. History of the Aescher family from 1320-1608, with notes of marriages and deaths. Preceded, fol. 92v, by the arms of the Aescher family. fols. 92v-113v;-

(4) 'Von Tittlen'. An account of titles of nobility. fols. 181-8;-

(5) 'Verzeichnus wie die Werinen[?] Thurn und Ballwarch [Bollwerk] in der Wacht uf dem Munsterhoff mit dem Geschutz versachen solend werden ... 1597'. Arrangements for the defence of Zurich, 1597, with the names of the guard in 1607. fols. 190-5v;-

(6) 'Von dem truckten [gedruckten] Mandath ...'. With a printed mandate, dated 30 Sept. 1601, to control drinking, dancing, swearing, etc. fols. 201-5v;-

(7) Mandate relating to Christian behaviour, 9 Apr. 1604. In a different hand. fols. 208-16;-

(8) 'Hernach volgend die Edlen Altten und Burgerlichen Geschlacht ...', with a reference to the linx in the Aescher arms. fol. 218v (followed by blank shield outlines).
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