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Items relating to heraldry

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Items relating to heraldry
Level of description
Extent and format
Vellum. Four items.
Two green boxes, containing A and C, B and D.
Scope and content
Four items:-

A. Grant of a crest to Thomas Dacus alias Denys of Holcombe, Devon, by Thomas Wriothesley, Garter, and Thomas Benolt, Clarenceux; London, 8 Feb. 1513/14. French. The crest described is painted in an illuminated border which also contains the Tudor rose, with crown. Initial A, gold on blue background. Signatures of Garter and Clarenceux under fold. Seal of Garter in original wooden box; seal of Clarenceux missing;-

B. Exemplification of the confirmation of arms and grant of a crest to John Fowle, of Sandhurst, Kent, by William Camden, Clarenceux; 1602 (date entered by Camden). With Camden's signature;-

C. 'Genterie of Norfolke'. A narrow vellum rollcontaining 99 coats of arms in trick of the gentry of Norfolk; c. 1642. Index of names on the dorse;-

D. Letters patent of Octavianus Schrenck von Notzing, Comes Palatinus, granting arms and a jewel to Johann Kanndler of Budweis in Bohemia, schoolmaster and mathematician in Regensburg, Bavaria; Regensburg, F. of St Chrysogonus (24 Nov.), 1587. German. The arms and the jewel (hanging from the helm) are painted in the middle of the grant. Elaborate penwork flourished border. Exhibited by Sir A. W. Franks, 11 Jan. 1894 (see MSS/0365).
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