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SAL/10/02 - ‘Rules and Regulations of the Antiquary Club' [View Details]
SAL/10/03 - Minute Book [View Details]
SAL/10/04 - Minute Book [View Details]
SAL/10/05 - List of Fellows, 16th-19th century [View Details]
SAL/10/06 - ‘A Register-Book of the Members of the Antiquary Society' [View Details]
SAL/10/07 - Lists of candidates for election [View Details]
SAL/10/08 - Transcripts and notes on various antiquities, manuscripts etc. [View Details]
SAL/10/11 - 'A Collection of Drawings of Seals and Coins Collected by the Society of Antiquaries before 1750' [View Details]
SAL/10/12 - Notebook of Joseph Ames (Secretary of the Society) [View Details]
SAL/10/13 - Suggestions for the Society's seal [View Details]
SAL/10/14 - Documents relating to the Society of Antiquaries at Somerset House [View Details]
SAL/10/15 - Collector’s books [View Details]
SAL/10/16 - "Centenary of the Society of Antiquaries 1851” [View Details]
SAL/10/17 - ‘Collections for Lives of early Members of the Society of Antiquaries' by Sir Henry Ellis [View Details]
SAL/10/18 - List of papers and letters [View Details]