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Roman Thermæ

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Roman Thermæ
second half 19th century
Level of description
Scope and content
Pencil and ink drawings and prints of Roman architecture.

Some drawings include notes and measurements.

Folder includes drawings of:
Print of Roman Thermæ from Transactions of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Vol. V (“2264” on verso)
Print of unlabelled drawings of Rome (two versions)
Plan of Baths of Caracalla
Print of plate list of Forum Magnum
Area map of Rome
Plan of Temple of Eleusis (26 Aug. 1889)
Section of upper bath room, Atrium Vestæ
Unlabelled section (two versions)
Unlabelled area plan (Aug 21)
Unlabelled area plan
Plan of the Mausoleum of Hadrian
Plan of Thermæ of Agrippa
Plan of Thermæ of Nero
Plan of Thermæ of Constantine
Unlabelled section of wall
Door of Forum Pacis
Unlabelled “centering for brick and concrete”
Unlabelled section and ceiling (“Vitr. V, X, 3.”)
Door in Caligula’s Palace
Plan of Thermæ of Trajan
Section of Mausoleum of Hadrian
Plan of Thermæ of Diocletian
Section of Praetorian Camp
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary