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Consecration Crosses

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Consecration Crosses
second half 19th century
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Ink and colour drawings of consecration crosses from various churches.

Some drawings include notes and measurements.

Folder includes drawings of:
Letter from C. Manning to […] (Feb 21, 1882)
Letter from […] to Middleton (July 27, 1883); Letter from […] to Middleton (21 Feb); Architectural plan
Postcard letter from C. Bicknell to C.H.R., F.S.A., British Museum (7 Nov. 1897)
Salisbury Cathedral cross outside (“Fig. 5 ARP Sarum Feb. ‘82”)
Salisbury Cathedral cross inside and doorways (“Fig. 3 ARP Sarum Feb. ‘82”)
Salisbury Cathedral cross outside (“Fig. 4 ARP Sarum Feb. ‘82”)
List of names (?) and readings (?)
Norman and Early English cross motifs from various churches (“Fig. 20, 22, 21, 1, 8, 19, 18 and 9”)
Brooke Church, Kent cross on side walls of chancel inside (“Dec.”, Fig. 10”)
Wolston Church, Glostershire cross (“Perp.”, Fig. 15”); Cheltenham Church, Glostershire figure on piscina (“Perp. Or late Dec.”, “Fig. 16”); Badgeworth Church, Glostershire cross relief (“Dec.”, “Fig. 17”)
Brooke Church, Kent cross (“Dec.”, “Fig. 19”)
Henry VII’s Chapel, Westminster cross in aisles (“Fig. 2”); Wolston Church, Glostershire crosses (“Fig. 12”, “Fig. 14”, “Fig. 13”)
Blythburg Church, Suffolk cross (“Fig. 23”)
Chichester Cathedral cross (“Fig. 7”); Berkley Ch., Glostershire Early English cross (“Fig. 11”)
Pevensey Ch., Sussex cross (“Fig. 8”)
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary