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TOY/002/001 - Aosta. Plan of the the Porta Praetoria [View Details]
TOY/002/002 - Constance. Aigues Mortes [View Details]
TOY/002/003 - Foix. Plan & section of Château [View Details]
TOY/002/004 - Gisors. Plan of Château [View Details]
TOY/002/005 - Mycenae. Plan of the Acropolis [View Details]
TOY/002/006 - Château de Najac. Plan of the Inner bailey [View Details]
TOY/002/007 - Nîmes. Plan of Porte Augusta [View Details]
TOY/002/008a - Ortenberg, Bavaria. Plan & section of Castle [View Details]
TOY/002/008b - Château de Gisors. Incomplete sketch [View Details]
TOY/002/009 - Château Pfeffengen. Plan of a section [View Details]
TOY/002/010a - Pompeii. The Walls & Herculaneum Gate [View Details]
TOY/002/010b - Part of cancelled drawing [View Details]
TOY/002/011 - Provins. Plans & sections of Tours de Cesar [View Details]
TOY/002/012a - Roche Guyon. Plan of Château [View Details]
TOY/002/012b - Portion of drawing [View Details]
TOY/002/013 - Château de Tiffauges. Plan & section of NW Wall Tower [View Details]
TOY/002/014a - Trim Castle, Neath, Ireland. Plan of Castle & Keep [View Details]
TOY/002/014b - Cancelled drawing of church screen [View Details]
TOY/002/015 - Troyenstein, Tyrol. Plan & section of Castle [View Details]
TOY/002/016a - City of Rhodes [View Details]
TOY/002/016b - Cancelled drawing. Plan of an [? English] Castle [View Details]
TOY/002/017a - Ain Toungal, Tunisia [View Details]
TOY/002/017b - Cancelled drawing of proposed Reredos, St Barnabas, Epsom [View Details]
TOY/002/018 - Anadoli Kavak, Hieron castle [View Details]
TOY/002/019 - Cairo. Bab Al-Futuh [View Details]
TOY/002/020a - Cairo. Burg Ez-Zefer. East Gateway. Plan & section drawing [View Details]
TOY/002/020b - Cancelled drawing of a keep [View Details]
TOY/002/021 - Cairo. Citadel of Burg Muqattam, Plan & section drawing [View Details]
TOY/002/022 - Cairo. Plan of Citadel [View Details]
TOY/002/023a - Constantinople. Plan of the Golden Gate [View Details]
TOY/002/023b - Cancelled drawings of 3 plans [View Details]
TOY/002/024 - Constantinople. Plan of Yedi Couli [View Details]
TOY/002/025 - Plan of Crac des Chevaliers [View Details]
TOY/002/026 - Famagusta. Upper & lower plans of bastion at NW corner of Town Walls [View Details]
TOY/002/027a - Jerusalem. Plan of the Citadel & Gateway [View Details]
TOY/002/027b - Incomplete drawing of Pembroke Castle [View Details]
TOY/002/028a - Margat, Tripoli. Plan of Castle [View Details]
TOY/002/028b - Cancelled drawings of keeps at […] Lucmeux, Somme & Donjon D’Ambleny, Aisne [View Details]
TOY/002/029a - Plan of Château de Saone near Antioch [View Details]
TOY/002/029b - Cancelled drawing of Castle Rushen, Isle of Man [View Details]
TOY/002/030 - Tingad, Algeria. Byzantine Citadel [View Details]
TOY/002/031a - Ur. Plan of the Temenos [View Details]
TOY/002/031b - Cancelled drawing of earthworks [View Details]
TOY/002/032a - Peking [Beijing]. Plan of the Middle Barbican in the West Wall of the Tartar City [View Details]
TOY/002/032b - Cancelled drawing of roof structure, Redruth [View Details]
TOY/002/033 - Hall windows at Loches, Canterbury, Colchester, Houdan, Conisborough [View Details]