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Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls

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Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls
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1 volume
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(ff. xvi + 18). Roll 21 (no letter reference). St George G (Aspilogia, I (1950), 20), fols. 1-2v;- Roll 22 (H). Segar D (ibid., 18), fols. 4-5;- Roll 23 (Z). Letter A Roll, temp. Henry VIII, including an unusual shield for Angleterre, fols. 7-10. See note by Mill Stephenson, fol. viii, and description by Lt. Col. Whitehead, 1968 (copy with volume). Index, Vol. III, fols. 136-48;- Roll 24 (no letter reference). Achievements of knights made during the reign of Queen Mary, 1553-8, fols. 12-15v. Index, Vol. III, fols. 150-8;- Roll 25 (no letter reference). Miscellaneous achievements (14), mostly Yorkshire families, temp. Hen. VIII, fols. 17-18. Index, Vol. III, fols. 160-6.
Stephenson, Mill (1857-1937), expert on monumental brasses, antiquary
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