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[Previously part of the Thorpe Bequest]

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[Previously part of the Thorpe Bequest]
18th century
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The five sections described by Ellis (1816), 58-9, are now dispersed and bound in different volumes. As follows:-

MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 1). Dispersed in MSS/0176, fols. 68-74v, MSS/0182*, Sections II, IV, VI, VII, MSS/0183* (notes on Gillingham, fols. 50-3, and rental relating to various parishes, fols. 163-8), MSS/0199 bis*, Section V, fols. 99-100v, MSS/0200+0201*, Section I;-

MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 2). See MSS/0200+0201*, Section II, fols. 41-6, Section III, items 89, 90. One item now in MSS/0444A, fols. 46-7v;-

MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 3). Mostly discarded, but a few papers relating to the Royal Society are preserved in MSS/0200/ter (bound in MSS/0199 bis*);-

MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 4). A few lines of a translation of the Antonine Itinerary. Not kept (see note in SAL copy of Ellis (1816), 59);-

MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 5). Copy lease by St John's College, Cambridge, of Higham manor, the parsonage of Higham and lands in Higham called Lillychurch, 24 Feb. 1524, and copy lease by the same of the same to Thomas Bill, physician to the King, 20 Sept. 1547. See MSS/0183*, fols. 85-100.
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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