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Two groups of letters to the mayor and corporation of Rochester

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Two groups of letters to the mayor and corporation of Rochester
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ff. v + 56.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards.
Scope and content
[Formerly 199 (Ellis, art. 1).] Two groups of letters to the mayor and corporation of Rochester, items (1-20), 1625-6, and items (21-30), 1666-8. Further details in contents lists, fols. ii-v. As follows:-

(1) Sir Thomas Walsingham conc. precautions to be taken against Dutch ships, 22 Oct. 1625. Autograph. fols. 1-2v;-

(2) The same canvassing for his re-election as a burgess for Rochester in the forthcoming Parliament, 13 Dec. 1625. Signed. fols. 3-4v;-

(3) George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, recommending Sir John Smyth as a burgess, 29 Dec. 1625. Signed. fols. 5-6v;-

(4) Sir Thomas Walsingham relating to the second seat, 2 Jan. 1625/6. Autograph. fols. 7-8v;-

(5) Buckingham relating to the second seat, 3 Jan. 1625/6. Signed. fols. 9-10v;-

(6) Walsingham relating to the election, 4 Jan. 1625/6. Autograph. fols. 11-12v;-

(7) Buckingham recommending Smyth for one seat, 11 Jan. 1625/6. Signed. fols. 13-14v;-

(8) Sir John Smyth relating to the election, 12 Jan. 1625/6. Autograph. fols. 15-16v;-

(9) The same relating to the same, 13 Jan. 1625/6. Autograph. fols. 17-18v;-

(10) Copy letter from Charles I to the Privy Council conc. the proposal for experienced soldiers from the Low Countries to drill officers of trained bands, 14 Jan. 1625/6. fols. 19-20v;-

(11) Copy letter from the Privy Council to Lord Montgomery, Lord Lieutenant of Kent, enclosing the King's letter, 24 Jan. 1625/6. fols. 21-2v;-

(12) Copy letter from Lord Montgomery to his Deputy Lieutenants enclosing (10) and (11), 27 Jan. 1625/6. fols. 23-4v;-

(13) Sir Thomas Walsingham and Sir Francis Barnham, Deputy Lieutenants, to the mayor enclosing (10)-(12), 2 Feb. 1625/6. Signed. fols. 25-6v;-

(14) Buckingham requiring Rochester bridge to be watched for a priest travelling from France under the name of Pettinger or Dunstan, 22 Feb. 1625/6. Signed. fols. 27-8v;-

(15) Buckingham requiring the mayors of Gravesend, Gillingham, Milton and Rochester to look for Mr Piers Boteler and serve a bond on him to appear before the Duke at Court, 27 Apr. 1626. Signed. fols. 29-30v;-

(16) Copy of a decree for £40 and costs in the Admiralty Court in the suit Deane v. Dunninge, 2 May 1626. fols. 31-2v;-

(17) Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Perceval Hart and Sir Francis Barnham relating to trained bands, 14 July 1626. Signed. fols. 33-4v;-

(18) The same relating to those between 16 and 60 not of the trained bands, 21 July 1626. fols. 35-6v;-

(19) Copy letter of Buckingham to Sir Thomas Walsingham, Vice Admiral of Kent, to stop ships sailing without licence, 18 Sept. 1626. fols. 37-8v;-

(20) Sir Thomas Walsingham to the mayor enclosing the last, 23 Sept. 1626. Autograph. fols. 39-40v;-

(21) Sir Francis Clerke, MP, to Peter Stowell, mayor of Rochester, asking if any sick seamen were quartered in Rochester, 10 Oct. 1666. fols. 41-2v;-

(22) John Evelyn and two others, commissioners for the sick and wounded, complaining of the treatment of sick seamen at Rochester, 25 Oct. 1666. fols. 43-4v;-

(23) Sir Francis Clerke to Peter Stowell conc. the subscription for 'visited people' (plague victims) and the removal of sick and wounded seamen, 2 Nov. 1666. fols. 45-6v;-

(24) Sir Jeremy Smyth conc. the need for seamen and requesting that an order be proclaimed by beat of drum, 11 Nov. 1666. fols. 47-7*;-

(25) Sir Francis Clerke to the mayor regarding the execution of a warrant to seize Mr Wriothesley's estate, 13 Nov. 1666. fols. 48-9v;-

(26) Treasury letter, signed by the Earl of Southampton, saying that the farmers of excise in Kent complained of falling revenue due to the plague, 29 Mar. 1667. Wafer seal. fols. 50-1v;-

(27) Warrant to impress two wagons and horses to convey hay for the King's service, 11 June 1667. fol. 52;-

(28) Certificate of Balthazar de Vos of Ostend that two persons arrested and imprisoned in Rochester were subjects of the King of Spain, 2 July 1667. fols. 53-4v;-

(29) Earl of Thanet seeking information regarding cannon fire heard, 2 July 1667. Signed. fol. 55;-

(30) James Douglas regarding beating the drum to lift (impress) soldiers, 9 Mar. 1667/8. fol. 56.
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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