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Composite volume

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Composite volume
17th-18th century
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Extent and format
ff. 108.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards.
Scope and content
Composite volume containing parts of MSS/0199 (Ellis, arts.3,6,8), MSS/0200 (Ellis, art.1), MSS/0200/ter (part of 200, Ellis, art.3) and miscellaneous papers. Arranged in five sections. Contents list for the whole volume, fol. ii. Covering notes before sections. Stamped foliation throughout.

Section I (fols. 1-22). MSS/0199 (Ellis, art.3). Description by John Thorpe, junior, of a journey to Oxford with an account of college buildings, fols. 2-7v; notes on masters, fellowships, etc., of Oxford and Cambridge colleges, and on Cambridge parishes, in a letter to the Rev. --- from William Warren, Trinity Hall, 14 Aug.1733, fols. 8-9v; excerpts from statutes, etc., conc. Oxford degrees, fols. 10-16v; copies of letters, etc., including a university squib from 'Tinsil Calveskin', Addle Hall, Oct.1737, fols. 17-22.

Section II (fols. 23-8). MSS/0199 (Ellis, art.6). Material conc. Dr Robert Plot:-
(1) Royal letter of authority for Dr Plot (historiographer royal) to search records in the Tower, the Rolls, Augmentation Office, etc., journals of both Houses of Parliament, university and cathedral libraries, archiepiscopal registers, etc., 10 Feb.1687/8. Sign manual of James II and signature of the Earl of Sunderland. fol. 24;-
(2) Indemnity to Dr Plot, as Register of the Court of Chivalry, from Henry, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal, conc. £100 part fine received from Sir John Fillie, knt., 28 Apr.1692. fol. 26;-
(3) Coloured arms of Plot, with quarterings and scutcheon of pretence, fol. 28.

Section III (fols. 29-80). MSS/0199 (Ellis, art.8). Thorpe family:-
(1) Autobiography of John Thorpe senior, used for the memoir in the Registrum Roffense (1769). Autograph. fols. 30-2;-
(2) Collections and pedigrees relating to the Thorpe family, including:- Draft recommendation by the Council of the Royal Society for Thorpe to be Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, fol. 33; deposition by Thorpe conc. relations and connections of his family, fols. 34-5; original receipt, 14 Jan.1676/7, excerpt from court baron roll, etc., conc. lands of Edmund Thorpe, 1647-77, fols. 36-40; copies of epitaphs, fols. 41-4; excerpt from J.Rastall, Le Livre des Assizes (1606) conc. Thorpe, 49 Edw.III, fol. 45; excerpts from Thorpe wills, parish registers, etc., fols. 46-54; Thorpe pedigrees, fols. 55-62, fols. 33-62;-
(3) Papers and pedigrees relating mostly to the Combridge family and other connections of the Thorpes, including a bargain and sale by Oliver Combridge, 1656, and copy will of Andrew Combridge of Penshurst, 1651. fols. 64-80v.

Section IV (fols. 81-8). MSS/0200/ter. Formerly part of 200 (Ellis, art.3). Miscellaneous papers 'mere sweepings of Dr Thorpe's study relating to his connection with the Royal Society as Clerk in 1713' (note by C.S.Perceval, 1876, fol. 81). Includes a copy letter signed by Sir Hans Sloane inviting contributions for fitting up the Society's rooms, fol. 82; Latin certificate, 1713, that Thorpe had been elected a member of the Royal Society in 1705, fol. 83; and various orders summoning meetings, 1713, some (fols. 84,86) signed by Sir Isaac Newton. fols. 81-8 (fol. 108 misbound after fol. 88).

Section V (fols. 89-108). Miscellaneous papers consisting of papers ‘remaining after Examination and arrangement of several bundles of Thorpe's MSS’ (interleaf note by Perceval). Eleven items:-
(1) Draft letter to a prelate conc. his essay on MSS and pictures, 11 July 1701. fols. 89-94;-
(2) Receipt by Sir Hans Sloane and note by Humfrey Wanley relating to payment for a lump of spar with a little gold in it, 14 Apr. 1715. fol. 95;-
(3) Copies by John Thorpe, senior, of inscriptions on rings. fol. 96;-
(4) Copy by John Thorpe, junior, from the Daily Advertiser, 18 March 1751, conc. the proposal to apply for a Royal Charter for SA. fol. 97;-
(5) Note by John Thorpe, junior, of words of John Waite, of Penshurst, 'You are all Villains.', 18 July 1709. fol. 98;
(6) Accounts of a great storm, 24 June 1746, and of a windmill struck by lightning, 21 Aug. 1776. Formerly part of MSS/0200 (Ellis, art. 1). fols. 99-100v;-
(7) Account of a find of silver coins, temp. Eliz.-Chas. I, at Strood, 1772, in a letter from the Rev. Thomas Austen, with a copy of the Rev. Mr Lawry's paper conc. the value of 'my Attic coin'. fols. 101-2v;-
(8) Autograph letter from Thomas Ridley to Sir George Rivers at Caforde, Kent, reminding him that a licence was required before removal of church bells, 13 Jan. 1616/17. Formerly in MSS/0185. fols. 103-4v;-
(9) Letter from Wassily Tatischev to -- conc. his book on Russian history, with a list of headings of the introduction and Part I, 12 June 1749. Russian. See the translation in MSS/0202, item 130. fols. 105-6v;-
(10) Latin verse (five lines) by Dr Harmar relating to the death by sympathy of a piece of flesh made into a nose. fol. 107;-
(11) Letter from John Floyer (Sir John Floyer, physician) to the Duke of Marlborough proposing to dedicate the second part of his book to him (first part dedicated to Queen Anne) and referring to his victories. fol. 108 (misbound after fol. 88).
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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