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[Previously part of the Thorpe Bequest]

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[Previously part of the Thorpe Bequest]
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The eight sections described by Ellis (1816), 58, are now dispersed and bound in different volumes. As follows:-

199 (Ellis, art.1). See MSS/0199/ter;-

199 (Ellis, art.2). Papers on natural history, botany, etc. A few letters conc. botany are in MSS/0202. Some material may have been discarded (Proc., 2nd ser., 3 (1864-7), 12);-

199 (Ellis, arts.3,6,8). See MSS/0199/bis*;- 199 (Ellis, art.4). See MSS/0182*, Section IV, fols. 227-64;-

199 (Ellis, art.5). Now dispersed. Identified portions:- (1) Pedigrees arranged and bound with MSS/0181 (see contents list there, fol. iii);- (2) Fragments relating to heraldry bound with MSS/0187;- (3) Notes on Bexley now with topographical notes in MSS/0195/bis (bound in 183*), fols. 11-13;- (4) Coats of arms bound with MSS/0197 (see contents list there, fol. i);-

199 (Ellis, art.7). Faversham accounts, 29-30 Hen.VIII; copy from the Augmentation Office, 1730. Bound in MSS/0183*, fol. 32.
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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