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Papers relating to Rochester Bridge, part IV

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Papers relating to Rochester Bridge, part IV
mostly c.1730-48
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Extent and format
ff. iii + 347
Scope and content
Extracts by John Thorpe, senior, and Thomas Allen:-

(1) Fragment of a history of the bridge. fols. 1-18;-

(2) Excerpts from printed books. fols. 19-56v;-

(3) Accounts of wardens, annual receipts and payments, from 1398. fols. 57-76;-

(4) List of account books, and rents. fols. 78-84;-

(5) Account rolls of wardens. fols. 86-101;-

(6) Similar, with partial inventory of wardens' rolls. fols. 102-57;-

(7) Wardens' assistants and auditors, with index, and copy letter (fol. 183v) of John Thorpe, senior, 1732. fols. 159-84v;-

(8) Clerk to the wardens. Paper mostly conc. a dispute with Roger Pilcher, clerk, with letters relating to an attempt to dismiss him, 1732. fols. 187-262;-

(9) Duties of the woodreeve. fols. 264-73;-

(10) Accounts conc. repairs, wages. fols. 275-89;-

(11) Works on a ruinous pier, etc., 1730-8. fols. 290-305;-

(12) Construction of the bridge, properties of timber. fols. 306-25;-

(13) Regulations for workmen, wages. fols. 328-47. Contents list, fol. iii.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
Thorpe, John (1715-1792), antiquary
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