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Tenants of fees and other records concerning Kent

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Tenants of fees and other records concerning Kent
16th century
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Extent and format
ff. v + 189.
Vellum binding, with one brown strap and remains of another. 'Boke B', fol. ii. Signatures of William Smythe and Edmond Rootts certifying the comparison of some of the contents with Mr George Mann's book, fols. 3v,8v,10,18,18v. 'If anny ayex you w(ha)t my name is you may say it is counterfett', late16th century, fol. ii.
Scope and content
Tenants of fees and other records conc. Kent; mid-late 16th century, with slightly later additions. As follows:-

(1) Ward rents payable to Dover Castle (similar to 166, fols. 152-6). fols. 1-3v,18v;-

(2) Collection of an aid of 40 shillings for the knighthood of the firstborn son of Edward III from military fees in Kent (cf. 166, fols. 138-51). fols. 4-8v;-

(3) Notes of acreage of lands of Dover Priory in Romney Marsh, etc., customary tenures of Kent, names of hundreds, towns, etc. fols. 9v-15;-

(4) Taxes of a fifteenth and tenth in Canterbury, 33 Hen.VIII (1541-2), and Cokering, 1577. fol.16r,v;-

(5) Arbitration between St Gregory's, Canterbury, and the City of Canterbury. fol.17;-

(6) Notes on the Cinque Ports. fols. 17v-18v;-

(7) Customs and liberties of the City of Canterbury. fols. 19-20v,29-30;-

(8) Excerpts conc. tenures in St Laurence, Canterbury, from a book owned by Sir William Lovelace. fol.22r,v;-

(9) Excerpts from a book of 'Mr Hadds' derived from 'Mr Pettitt's booke Feodary of Kent'. fols. 26-7v;-

(10) Various manors in Kent. fols. 31-49v;-

(11) Tenants of military fees in Kent from a roll received from Sir Charles Halles (Hales). fols. 50-3v;-

(12) Fees held of the Archbishop of Canterbury. fol.54r,v;-

(13) Liberties of Kent. fol.54v;-

(14) Names of Archbishops of Canterbury, counties of England, etc. fol.55v;-

(15) Note of birth of children of Sir Moyle Finch, 1573-88, entered, 9 Nov.1588, by Thomas Wotton of Boughton Malerby (Malherbe), Kent. fols. 187v-5v rev.;-

(16) Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem in Kent, Edw.I-Ric.III. fols. 178v-140v rev.
Thorpe, John (1682-1750), antiquary
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